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Acorn Math

Fall brings many changes to our world both in the classroom and in the environment. One of the most exciting changes for the children happens on our playgound. Our large, mature Oak tree begins dropping the acorns that we have watched grow all summer long. The children can't wait to begin collection the nuts and bringing them into the room.

School Manners with Rowdy-osaur

To start the school year off on the right claw, use the Rowdy-osaur felt story to introduce a series of activities related to appropriate and inappropriate school behavior.

Grade: Preschool

Target Learning Skills

Back to School with Dinosaurs Week 1

Children are returning to school and the KidsSoup member site is ready to help out in the classroom! This month’s theme, Back-to-School with Dinosaurs, includes a number of Back-to-School resources for preschool and kindergarten children. Here are our resources for week 1 for the Back-to-School with Dinosaurs theme.

Dinosaur Classification

Submitted by KidsSoup member Beth Steward

Grade, Age Range or Specialized Learner: Preschool

Target Learning Skill(s): Classifying/Sorting

Happy Birthday to Us! Birthday Cake Craft, Tally Marks, and Graphing

This is a day of celebrations!  The children will create their own paper birthday cakes and use them to collect data about the birthdays in the class using two methods: tally marks and graphing. 

Grade: Preschool

Target Learning Skills


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