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Letter J for Jingle Bells

Today's holiday spirit is brought to you by the letter J! Children will love this festive Letter J Jingle Bell craft as well as the Jingle Bells Folder Game and 1-10 counting activity. Spend the day getting to know the letter J, and your classroom is sure to be joyful and jolly!

Turkey Thanksgiving Table Decoration and Craft

Children love to help out for the holidays! This Thanksgiving Turkey Craft is a great way for your child or students to help plan and prepare for Thanksgiving celebrations. 

What you need:

Turkey printables 
Glue stick 
Small wiggly eyes 

Week 1: Holidays and the Five Senses Theme: Senses

Set the holiday mood with a lively reading of the classic poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Clement Clarke Moore. The corresponding literacy activity provides children practice using textual clues to determine the meanings of the poem’s more difficult vocabulary words. In addition, materials are provided for a week devoted entirely to an introduction or review of the five senses.

Kitchen Literacy

Baking and cooking with children is one of the most valuable experiences in the classroom. Few other activities offer the variety that baking does: opportunities to explore math, science, and literacy concepts within the context of one lesson.

Grade Level: Preschool

NEW! Holidays and the Five Senses Theme

This month’s theme explores the holidays via the five senses with special emphasis on baking, seasonal trees, and Christmas traditions. Literacy activities to build comprehension skills and develop print concepts are provided for Twas was the Night Before Christmas, The Sweet Smell of Christmas, A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree, and Dr.


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