Letter J for Jingle Bells

Today's holiday spirit is brought to you by the letter J! Children will love this festive Letter J Jingle Bell craft as well as the Jingle Bells Folder Game and 1-10 counting activity. Spend the day getting to know the letter J, and your classroom is sure to be joyful and jolly!

Preschool and Kindergarten Letter J for Jingle Bells Craft

Preschool Activities: 


What you need:
Letter J Jingle Bells pattern
Red craft paper
Green craft paper
Aluminium foil
Yellow yarn
Glue stick
What you do:
Print Letter J Jingle Bells pattern and trace letter outline on to red craft paper and cut out. 
1. Look at the uppercase letter J together with children and discuss its shape.
2. Next have children glue the letter J cut out on the green craft paper (see pic1.)
3.Then have children cut along the dotted lines on the white strip.
4.Demonstrate to children how they can glue the white pieces on the letter J to make a red and white pattern(see pic2.)
Preschool Activities: 
Preschool Activities: 
5. Rip a piece of aluminum foil and cut in half. Place a piece of yarn inside each piece(see pic3.)
6. Crumble the aluminum foil around the yarn and form a ball (see pic4.)
7. Tie the two yarn pieces together and attach to the letter J with a staple (see pic5.) 
Option: Add two jingle bells to the end of the two pieces of yarn.
Preschool Activities: 
Preschool Activities: 
Preschool Activities: 
Preschool and kindergarten J for Jingle bell craft and printable
Preschool Activities: 

Letter Recognition: J Jingle Bells Folder Game (Available in our KidsSoup member site)


Jingle Bell preschool and kindergarten math activity Available in our KidsSoup member site)


Jar and Jingle Bells Numbers 1-10
Fill an empty plastic jar with jingle bells. Label pipe cleaners with the numbers 1-10. Invite children to string the matching numbers of jingle bells on each pipe cleaner.
Preschool Activities: 

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