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Getting Ready for Kindergarten: Fine Motor Skills

Helping your preschooler to develop and strengthen fine motor skills is an important step in kindergarten preparation. What are fine motor skills? These are skills that require coordination of the small muscles in the hands and fingers. They lay the foundation for writing, cutting, manipulating objects, and creating detailed drawings and diagrams.

First Day of Kindergarten Book List

First Day of Kindergarten Book List
The first day of kindergarten is an exciting milestone in the life of a child and his or her parents.

Ready for Preschool Book List

Ready for Preschool Book List
This is an exciting time of year for you and your children—it's back to school time!

Back to School with Dinosaurs Week 3

Beginning a new school year means making new friends and seeing old friends again. While children are busy learning classroom routines, they're also practicing and developing social skills. For this reason, the focus of week 3 of the Back to School with Dinosaurs theme is friendship.

Back to School with Dinosaurs Week 2

Many of the resources included in the Back-to-School with Dinosaurs theme are designed to help children learn and remember school rules and manners in fun, interactive ways. Children will love chanting the “Rowdy-osaur Goes to School” felt rhyme and teachers will love the printable list of child-friendly classroom rules that accompanies it.


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