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What's Your Name?

Preschool is an exciting time for learning the letters of the alphabet! Children begin to learn that letters have sounds and that these sounds are in spoken words. A great way to start a child on the journey to letter recognition is with his or her name. Young children naturally like to see their names in print.

Back To School With Dinosaurs

Start the school year off with a roar, a dinosaur roar that is! This month's theme celebrates going back to school with dinosaurs. Children will learn about school manners and how to be a good friend with the help of dinosaurs. It includes school bus and dinosaur name tags, parent newsletter templates, literacy activities, craft ideas, rhyming and number games, emergent readers, and more.

Muffin Tin Math: One-to-one Correspondence and Sets

Grade: Preschool and Kindergarten 

Target Learning Skills:

  • One-to-one correspondence and sets
  • Shape: circle

Common Core Standard:

Outdoor Number Fun with Flowers

A bundle of sticks, a pile of small rocks, some sturdy tape, and a set of number cards are the building blocks for an afternoon of number fun that includes number hunts, ordering numbers, matching numbers, and counting.

Outdoor Alphabet Fun

Children love being outside, hunting for treasure, and meeting challenges, so why not combine all three for a fun afternoon of finding things that begin with letters from the alphabet? 


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