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Santa's helpers and elves preschool and kindergarten activities, crafts, and games. Who doesn't know the Elf on the Shelf? Your children can be Santa's Helper this year by helping the elf create toys, wrap presents, and write Christmas cards. We like the concept of the scout elf visiting the classroom and reporting back to Santa about all the fun activities the children did during the day. We also wanted to include our elf in some of our learning centers. Each day, the children will discover the elf introducing a new center which he/she has prepared the previous night. We feel that not touching the elf is a rule we would like to bend. Our scout elf doesn't loose his/her powers if he/she gets touched as long as we're being gentle with him/her. Here are a few samples of our activities:

Themes and Projects

E for Elf Activities
Elf on the Shelf in the Classroom


Elf Hats
E is for Elf!

Activities and Lessons

Gift Bows Activities
Where is the Elf? Locations Lesson
Elves Long and Short Letter E Sounds Matching


Countdown to Christmas Number Recognition
10 Little Elves Who's Missing? Number Line
Gift Bows Patterns


Dress the Elves Visual Discrimination and Fine Motor Skills
Elves Letters Bingo
Elves Long and Short Letter E Sounds Matching


Put Your Bow on Your Head Song and Movement
This is the Way the Elves... Movement Song
Gift Bows Fine Motor Skill Activity

Booklets and Other

Where is Ely the Elf? Emergent Reader
Elves Lowercase Letter Cards
Elf Activity Cards


Santa's Helpers Activities Video: 

View also some more examples of our Elf on the Shelf activities and games.

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