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Arrgh Pirates! Preschool and Kindergarten Activities, Games, Emergent Reader, Printables and Crafts. Yo ho ho, it's all about pirates! Find pirate activities that immerse children in a pirate world, while reinforcing math and literacy concepts. Children sort, match, add, count, read, spell and more with parrots, eye-patches, pirate ships, treasure maps, and of course, gold! So, climb aboard and take your class on a fun-filled pirate learning adventure.

Samples of our more than 100 pirate crafts, activities, folder games, kindergarten common core standard aligned lessons and folder games, songs, rhymes, coloring pages, and printables.

Themes and Projects

Pirate Books and Rhymes


Making Boats
Letter P - Parrot Craft
Handprint Pirates with Ship

Activities and Lessons

Pirates Rhyming
Pirates Stood in a Row - Movement Story


Pirate Number Mats
Pirates and Patches Shapes
Ahoy, Mates. All Aboard! Numbers 1-20

Science and Exploration

Sink or Float Science
Float Your Boat - STEM Science Exploration
Exploring boats


All Hands Hoay! Blends /ch/, /sh/, /fl/
Jewels! Shapes Folder Game
Build a Pirate


Shiny Treasures - Fine Motor Skills
Treasure Box Play Dough Mat

Booklets and Other

I'm a Pirate Emergent Reader
Pirates Word Wall
Ahoy, Lily! Emergent Reader


Lowercase Letter P, Help the Pirates Find the Treasure
Uppercase Letter P, Pirate Treasure Map
Pirate with Compass Coloring





Pirates Activities, Ideas, Games, Printables, and Pirates Books Suggestions

Pirates are a great topic for children of all age groups. They can become pirates, learn how to speak like a pirate and use such words as "Arrrrgh!" Children have fun learning and pretending to be pirates and go for a treasure hunt.

Free Pirates Coloring Pages and Printables

Preschool Pirate Tracing worksheet Pirate coloring page
Pirate Tracing Worksheet Pirate Coloring Page



We're Going on a Treasure Hunt
"Bury" a treasure outside or in another classroom. Create a map showing the location of the treasure. Have children dress up in their pirate gear and then have them follow the map to the buried treasure.

Aye Spy!
Hide some pirate items (eyepatch, pirate hat, pirate flag, parrot, pirate ship, treasure chest, etc., in your classroom or outside yard. Give a description of items the children need to find. Choose two children to go and find the item and bring it back to the circle. When all items are found, play a game of "What's missing." Let children cover their eyes and remove one item. What's missing?

Walk the Plank
Place a wooden plank or beam on the floor (or use masking tape to create a beam on the floor). Let children walk on the balance beam and at the end, jump in to the water. Ask, "Can you walk backwards, hop on one leg, tip toe, etc., over the plank?"

Pirate Sensory Table

Treasure Hunt 
Hide treasure in your sand table, such as necklaces, gold coins, jems, glass beads, etc. Provide small shovels and spoons and a treasure chest. Let children dig for treasures and place them in the treasure box. 

Pirate Crafts:

treasure chest craft treasure chest wall deco pirate eye patch craft pirate ship craft
Treasure Chest Craft

Our Pirates Activities, Wall and Bulletin Board Pinboard on Pinterest

Pirate Eye-Patch Craft Pirate Ship Craft

Treasure Chest 
What you need: A large shoebox, brown or black construction paper, gold or tin foil, glue, toy coins, plastic beaded necklaces, plastic rings, stapler, candy of various types including miniature chocolates and hard candies, and other trinkets. Instructions: Cover the shoebox with construction paper. Cut at least twelve one-inch gold or tin foil squares and glue them down on the back, bottom, and front of the box. Cut a large strip of black paper in half and use for handles on each side. Cut out a lock and glue in the front of the chest. Fill the box with all of the treasures!

Pirate Ship
Reuse a milk carton to make a pirate ship. You need a milk carton, construction paper, plastic straw, glue, and markers.

Pirate Books, Rhymes, and Songs


Pirates Activities, Pirate Party, Free Printables

Pirate Flag
Show children a picture of a pirate flag and of different flags. Encourage children to paint their own pirate flag!

Pirate Patch
You need black felt, scissors, 1/4 inch silky or satin black ribbon.

Instructions: Cut out an eyepatch from fabric or construction paper. Punch a hole through the patch. Thread the ribbon through the hole in the patch and tie at the back of the child's head.

Bandanas or Scarves  
Tie them on children's heads to make pirate hats.

Treasure Maps
Cut the front and back off a brown paper bag. Provide children with markers and encourage them to draw their own treasure maps. Discuss how the "X" shows the location of the treasure. Spray the map with a little water then crumple it to make it look old. Tear off some of the edges. Staple a red ribbon to the bottom. Show children how to roll the map and tie it with the ribbon. Let children share their treasure map with the group and describe the way to their treasure. 

Pirate Scavenger Hunt Pirate Party Ideas How to make a pirate map
Go Outside! Pirate Treasures Scavenger Hunt Great Pirate Party and Decoration Ideas for Small Children How to Make a Pirate Map


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