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Children love creating things! Help build and strengthen your children's creativity and development by providing opportunities to be creative. Crafts are learning experiences. Children develop fine motor skills, learn science concepts in glueing and painting (sticking together and drying), learn colors, numbers, and shapes, and learn to organize and problem solve. When children get opportunities to be creative their language skills, mathematical thinking, and social and cognitive skills get developed as well. As a bonus creating art or a craft allows children to express themselves, explore ideas, and make something to keep or to give to someone as a present. 

The Difference Between Arts and Crafts

Art refers to a unstructured activity with a focus on imagination and exploration and can be open-ended.

Crafts focus on structured activities with a certain purpose. The purpose of the craft could be learning to follow directions or to nurture creativity. 

Preschool Crafts for all seasons and ages
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What children Learn by doing Arts and Crafts

Creativity - creating something unique, develop their imaginations

Fine Motor Skills - cutting, molding, manipulating, arranging, gluing and placing objects, picking up small pieces, painting

Language and Literacy - vocabulary, oral language, positional and descriptive words

Math - Sorting, patterning, ordering, categorizing, measurements, shapes, counting and numbers

Science Exploration - Explore the properties of glue, mixing colors, and wet and dry

Cognitive Skills - process information, sequencial thinking, follow directions, problem solving

Social Skills - Pride in finished project, sense of accomplishment, notice and appreciate other people’s work, sharing and working together, waiting, problem-solving

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