Seasonal Crafts

Olaf Kids Craft and Small World Play Area

Do you want to build a snowman? Make this simple Olaf craft with your children and create a winter wonderland play area.

Fall Leaves Wreath Door Decoration

Enjoy the colorful fall leaves by making a Fall Wreath Craft with your children. In fall, when the leaves are changing colors, go outside with your children and gather some large leaves. Then, form a coat hanger into a circle and have children lace the leaves to create a colorful wreath to grace your doorway.

Fall Leaf Activities

Fall offers plenty of natural materials to use with children--twigs, rocks, pinecones, you name it! Especially beautiful and useful are leaves. Leaves and their different shapes, patterns, and changing colors give children many opportunities to learn. These activities will inspire you to incorporate leaves in your next activities. Click on each picture for more details.

Leaf People Preschool and Kindergarten Craft

Children will gain a sense of pride as they contribute handmade leaf people to make a bulletin board titled "We are falling for Kindergarten (Preschool)." Show children different leaves and discuss their shapes. Take children outside to gather some fall leaves. Encourge children to choose one large leaf to use for their leaf person craft. 

Leaf Man Craft

The book Leaf Man is a great book to use during your fall/autum unit. First, read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert to your preschool and kindergarten children during story time. Then, let children make their own leaf man craft puppet. Let them take the puppets outside to create their own Leaf Man story.

Fall Leaves Hedgehog Craft

We love hedgehogs and we couln't resist to create a hedgehog craft with some fall leaves. Show children a picture of a hedgehog and let children describe the animal. Explaint that on the back of the hedgehog is a thick layer of spikes known as quills. Their curved claws help the hedgehogs to dig. It's long snout with a wet nose gives the hedgehog an excellent sense of smell.

Snow Globe Fun

There's something magical about snow globes, so what could be more fun than to spend the day in a snow globe state of mind? Read on to find out how children can make their own snowmen snow globes using a few puff balls, clear plastic cups, and cellophane glitter. Extend the craft activity with snow globe language activities, sensory play, and a delicious snack.

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