Fairy Tales Preschool Activities, Crafts, and Printables

Fairy Tales activities, crafts, and lesson plans for preschool and kindergarten

Fairy Tales Preschool and Kindergarten Activities, Crafts, Games, and Printables. This month's fairy-tale-based theme draws upon the story elements found in fairy tales to provide a rich assortment of literacy and math activities all around favorite fairy tales such as Rapunzel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rumplestiltskin, and many more. Children can move like fairies, learn fairy tale vocabulary, practice adding with golden eggs, braid bread like Rapunzel's hair, compare and contrast, sequence, count the spikes on a dragon's spine, make patterned crowns, learn words that rhyme with king, and a whole lot more. This is a theme that will keep children learning happily ever after!

Samples of our more than 90 fairy tales preschool and kindergarten crafts, activities, crafts, games, and printables available inside our KidsSoup Resource Libary:

Themes and Projects

Jack and the Beanstalk Lesson Ideas


Winter Crown
Shapes Witch on Broom
Dwarf Artwork

Activities and Lessons

Witch's Brew Activity and Movement Game
Witch Hats - Letters Matching Game
K for King Letter Exploration Mats


Shapes Witch on Broom
Queen of Hearts Number Fun with Playing Cards
Witches Brew Snack

Science and Exploration

Air Can Move Things Science Lesson
Growing Jack’s Beanstalk Science Activity
Does it Move? Wind Science Activities


Beanstalk Board Game
Witch Hats - Letters Matching Game
Witches Hats Matching Game


Witch Pre-writing Skills
Broom Game and Movement

Booklets and Other

Once Upon a Time Fairy Tales Weekly Plan
Once Upon a Time Book
Fairy Tale Word Wall


Witch Broomstick Complete the Picture
Witch Writing Prompt
Witch Draw and Write
Free Fairy Tales Crafts, Activities, Games, and Printables

Children are enchanted by fairy tales with their castles, king and queens, courageous heroes and heroines, suspenseful plots, and magical settings. There are many great fairy tales to choose from.

Castles and Crowns Activities

Block Center
Place different pictures of real castles in the block center. Encourage children to build their own castles.

Crown Jewel Match (Counting)
Cut out several crown shapes. Write different numbers on each crown. Have your children place the matching number of jewels on each crown.

Lost Jewels (Number Sense)
Cut out two crown shapes. Draw 20 circles on each crown. Write the numbers 1-5 on index cards. Place glass jewels or glass beads inside a bowl. Let children pick a number card and place the matching numbers of jewels on the crown. 

Rapunzel and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Activities

Learn to Braid (Fine Motor Skills)
In the spirit of Rapunzel's hair, let children practice braiding using thick yarn. Prepare the yarn beforehand by knotting sets of three strands together at one end. The knotted ends can be secured to a table top with strong tape so that children can pull the yarn taut as they braid the pieces together. 

Fairy Tales Rapunzel hair fine motor skill activity preschool and kindergarten
Preschool Activities: 

Use the hair to make a Rapunzel tower craft (Printable and instructions available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

Rapunzel tower craft and printable for preschool and kindergarten
Preschool Activities: 

Dwarfs (Sequencing)
Cut out some dwarfs and let children line them up in order from smallest to largest.

Dwarf Artwork (Description and patterns available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

Preschool Activities: 


Cinderella and Fairies Activities

Glass Slipper Hide-and-Seek
Hide a special slipper or shoe somewhere outside or in the classroom, and let children hunt for it. The child that finds it gets to hide it the next time. Give the children clues in the form of riddles to help them find the shoe, or else give them hints like "getting warmer" or "getting colder."

Is this your shoe?  
Preparation: Just like Cinderella, your children will lose their shoes in this whole group game. Collect one of each of the children’s shoes and place them in a large bag or box so they cannot see them. 

With the children in a large circle, select one shoe at a time and describe it to the class. Start with vague descriptions so that it could be more than one child’s shoe and get more specific with each hint. Allow children to shout out guesses when they think they know whose shoe you are describing. Repeat until the whole class has both of their shoes

Make a Fairy Wand Craft
Use a star cut-out and cover with glue. Sprinkle glitter over the glue and let dry. Attach the star to a stick or twig with some ribbons.

Fairy Movement Rhyme and Activity (Gross Motor Skills)

Choose one child to be the fairy queen (hand a magic wand to the fairy) and let the other children dance around the fairy queen in a circle. At the end, let the fairy queen choose a new fairy queen to hold the magic wand.

Fairy dance circle time activity preschool
Preschool Activities: 

Fairy Dance
Original Author Unknown
(Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)

Let us dance and let us sing,
Dancing in a fairy ring,
We'll be fairies on the green,
Dancing round our fairy queen.

Let us dance and let us sing,
Dancing in a fairy ring,

Faster, faster, round we go,
While our cheeks with roses glow.
Free as birds upon the wing,
Dancing in a fairy ring,
Faster, faster, round we go,
While our cheeks with roses glow.

Free Fairy Tales Coloring Pages
fairy coloring page princess write and coloring page Dwarfs Clip Art dragon coloring  


Jack and the Beanstalk Activities

View samples of our Jack and the Beanstalk activities, games, and resources for preschool and kindergarten

Jack and the Beanstalk Activities and Crafts for preschool and kindergarten
Preschool Activities: 

Golden Egg Relay Race

Divide children into teams and give each team a large spoon and one golden egg (either plastic or Styrofoam spray painted gold). One team member at a time runs back and forth between two points while holding the egg in the spoon without dropping it. If the egg drops, the runner has to retrieve it and replace it back on the spoon before returning to running. Each team member passes the spoon with the egg to the next member of his or her team upon returning to the starting point. The first team to have all members run with the egg and return back to the starting point wins. 

The Three Little Pigs Activities

The Three Little Pigs activities and games for preschool and kindergarten
Preschool Activities: 


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