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Egg Relay Race

Egg Relay Race

What you need:

Plastic or Styrofoam eggs
Playdough (optional)
Large and small spoons

Egg cups



Skills: Gross motor skills, coordination, social skills


Egg Relay Race

Divide children into teams and give each team a large spoon and one egg. One team member at a time runs back and forth between two points while holding the egg in the spoon without dropping it. If the egg drops, the runner has to retrieve it and replace it back on the spoon before returning to running.

Each team member passes the spoon with the egg to the next member of his or her team upon returning to the starting point. The first team to have all members run with the egg and return back to the starting point wins.


Create an obstacle course and let children carry the eggs through the course without dropping the egg. 

 Tip! For smaller children add a little piece of playdough on the spoon and press the egg inside for extra help.