Snowman Crafts, Activities, Games, and Printables

Snowman crafts, activities, games for preschool and kindergarten

Preschool and Kindergarten Snowman Activities, Crafts, Games, and Printables. Winter is here, and so is the enchanting world of snowmen! Our snowman-themed learning activities for preschool and kindergarten are designed to bring joy, creativity, and valuable educational experiences to the chilly season. From adorable snowman crafts to exploring the science of snowflakes, we make winter learning a frosty snowman adventure. Dive into a world of literacy snowman activities and books, challenge young minds with snowman math, and foster social skills with collaborative snowman games. Winter may be cold, but our snowman activities are all about warming hearts and minds with hands-on, educational fun. Let's make this winter unforgettable with the magic of snowmen!

Samples of our more than 100 snowman crafts, activities, games, and printables available in our KidsSoup Resource Library:


Olaf Craft
Snowman Weather Dial
Snowman Finger Play

Activities and Lessons

Snowman Melting Sequencing Cards
Literacy Activity: The Jacket I Wear in the Snow
Stanley the Snowman Rhyming


More Than, Less Than, Equal to Snowball Game
10 Little Snowmen (Numbers 1-10)
Snowmen Pals (Count Sequence)

Science and Exploration

Water and Ice Science Exploration
Melting Snowman Science
Making Snow Exploration


What Begins with "W" Like Winter? Game
Stanley the Snowman Rhyming
Snowmen Matching


W is for Winter - Letter W Pre-writing Skills
Snow and Ice Indoor Games


W is for Winter - Letter W Pre-writing Skills

Snowman Centers

Build a Snowman Play Dough Center
Provide children with a laminated paper with the outline of a snowman. Let children use white play dough, black pebbles, orange pipe cleaners, sticks, and other materials to build their snowman on the mat.

Snowman Activities

Play dough Snowmen: Use white play dough to make a snowman. Add facial features and other details with colored play dough. Stick pretzels can be used for arms. If desired, you can purchase tiny straw brooms from a craft store to be used as well. Scarves can be made from fabric scraps or felt.

Snowman Crafts

Snowman Stick Puppets
Print or draw snowman shape on white printing paper. Spray glue onto cardboard or recycled cereal box and cut out. Have children decorate their snowman with pieces of felt, small buttons, craft paper, sparkles, etc. Tape a craft stick to the back of the snowman to finish the puppet.

Paper Plate Snowman: Provide each child with three white paper plates. Let children cut out a hat, a scarf, a nose, and buttons from colored construction paper or felt. Glue the hat to one paper plate and have children add facial features. Use a stapler to connect the three plates together vertically. With glue, add the scarf and buttons. Go outside and search for two sticks for its arms. Let dry and attach with staples.

Snowmen Printables

snowman worksheet

Book: Snowballs Lesson, Activities, Crafts and Printables



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