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Stanley the Snowman Twiggle Book

Stanley the Snowman Twiggle Book






To support you and your children at home during the COVID-19 school closures, we offer you our first Twiggle Book and its resources for free. You are free to share the resources and link to the book with the families of your children in your class. We hope you find our new resource helpful and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. 

Snowman Twiggle Book


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Topic: Snowman

About the Story
​A snowman is all dressed up and ready to have some fun. This rhyming Twiggle Book is all about what Stanley the Snowman looks like and likes to do.


Initial consonant blends st- and sn-                                        

Long vowel digraph ow (ō)                                  

Rhyming Words


carrot, long, melt, nose, short, sing, song, toes 

Sight Words:

a, and, has, have, in, is, like, no, the, to

Booklet Printables:

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Coloring Page

Coloring Page


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