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Olympic Games Activities and Crafts for Preschool and Kindergarten

Get ready for the Olympic Games with our Olympic Games activities and games. During the Olympic Games, the very best athletes from around the world meet to compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals in a wide variety of sports ranging in the Winter Olympics from skiing to curling and bobsledding, or track and field to gymnastics to swimming and diving in the Summer Olympics. The Olympics are also a time for people from many different cultures and backgrounds to make friends and learn acceptance. Access our KidsSoup Online Resource Library to find Olympics-inspired arts and crafts, activities, games, and resources, and your child can be a gold medal winner too.

Samples of our more than 70 winter and summer olympic games crafts, olympic games preschool activities, games, and printables available in our KidsSoup Resource Library:


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Olympic Games Wintersports
Teaching Virtues - Free Story to Teach Determination to Young Children


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Olympic Games Activities and Games
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Free Kids Olympic Games Activities and Games

Summer Olympics
Discuss the Olympic Games with children. Explain that the Olympic Games originated in Greece. Show the country on a map. The Olympic Games are friendship games where athletes from all over the world compete with each other.  Ask children where the Olympic Winter Games will be held this year. The Olympic Winter Games will be held in PyeongChang South Korea. Show children the South Korea flag and locate the country on a globe or world map.

Free Preschool Olympic Games Craft and Fine Motor Skill Activity

Show some pictures of gymnasts on the beam and on the floor. Cut craft paper in half and tape together to make a beam and tape to the floor. Have children move over the bar in different ways: walk, jump, walk backward, jump on one leg, jump backward, crawl, etc. Have children show different ways to move over the bar. Applaud after each child after he/she finishes his/her performance.
Extension: Provide some balancing equipment outside in your play area such as balance boards and flat beams.
Preschool Activities: 
The Olympics Competition Games:

Frog jump Which frog jumps the farthest? Pretend to be a frog and jump with both feet at the same time to the front. Measure and mark the spot.

Gymnastics Place a large sheet on the floor. Taking turns, each child makes movements on the sheet, for example, balancing on one leg and making different movements with their arms.

Bear races Children pretend to be bears and race running on all fours to the finish line.

Water transport race
Hand out a bucket to each child. Define a race track and let children carry the bucket filled with water around the track. How much water is left in the buckets?

Kids Olympic Games Ideas Outdoors
Preschool Activities: 


Health: Moving My Body and Keeping Fit

Objectives: Children will learn that being active and exercising helps the body to stay healthy and strong.

Explain to children that our body needs to exercise and move a lot to keep strong and healthy. Moving keeps our heart, lungs, and muscles strong and healthy. When we exercise hard we need to make sure that our body doesn't run out of energy. We need to drink water and fill our body with healthy food that will give us lots of energy. Have children point out the foods that give us energy.

Music and Movement:

Song: Have You Ever Seen a Twiggle?
(Tune: Have You Ever Seen a Lassie?)

Have you ever seen a Twiggle, a Twiggle, a Twiggle,
Have you ever seen a Twiggle that wiggles like this?
It wiggles and giggles, it wiggles and giggles.
Have you ever seen a Twiggle that wiggles like that?

Have you ever seen a Twiggle, a Twiggle, a Twiggle,
Have you ever seen a Twiggle that walks low like this?
It walks low and walks low, it walks low and walks low.
Have you ever seen a Twiggle that walks low like that?

Have you ever seen a Twiggle, a Twiggle, a Twiggle,
Have you ever seen a Twiggle that hops on one foot?
It hops on one foot and it hops on the other foot.
Have you ever seen a Twiggle that hops on one foot?

Have you ever seen a Twiggle, a Twiggle, a Twiggle,
Have you ever seen a Twiggle that hops slow like this?
It hops slow and hops slow, it hops slow and hops slow.
Have you ever seen a Twiggle that hops slow like that?


Olympic games book suggestion

Literacy: Read the book Wiggle by Doreen Cronin

Talk about the book and discuss with children that they can be active and move in a lot of ways and in a lot of places. Show pictures of a playground, biking, walking, and a swimming pool or show the Stay Active and Exercise poster. Brainstorm with children ways to be active. Make movements to the activities mentioned. Pretend to jump down, crawl under a bar, swim, etc.




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