Ice Skating Rink and Activities

Make a corner of your room into an ice rink and let children practice skating movements. Read the awesome teacher tips for ideas that will keep everyone busy while they wait for their turns. 

Focus Skill: Gross motor and movement

Preschool and Kindergarten Ice Skating Rink Gross Motor Skills 

You will need:
White bed sheet(s)
A plastic table cloth(s) or plastic paint drop sheets (Available in Home Improvement Stores)
Strong tape

Paint sticks or jumbo craft sticks 
“Perfect!” or “Great job!” printables

Preschool Activities: 

What you do:
Define a space in your room for an ice skating rink and lay the batting on the floor. Cover the batting with the plastic sheet, and tape it to the floor. Print the “Perfect!” or “Great job!” printables on heavy printing paper and attach to the tops of a jumbo craft or paint sticks.

Preschool Activities: 

Let children take off their shoes and “skate” on the ice.

Ice Skating Movements:

Play some music and demonstrate some ice skating moves and let children copy them:

Preschool Activities: 

Stand on one leg

Make an airplane - stand on two legs leaning forward with both arms to the side. (Who can make an airplane while standing on one leg?)

Twirl around and make a pirouette with different arm movements

Stretch arms over the head with hands touching and walk in a circle

Crouch down low and stretch one leg

Jump and land on one leg

Demonstrate a move and have all children copy it

Ice Skating Competition:

Preschool Activities: 

Provide girls with some tutus and boys with some neck ties. Choose three children to be the judges and let them sit on a chair along the ice rink. Taking turns, have "contestants" go on the “ice” and make some ice skating moves to the music. Stop the music and let children hold up a sign “Perfect!” or “Great job!”

Teacher Tips!

"We used masking tape to hold the sheet in place, but found that a strong tape (duct tape) was needed to hold the plastic in place once everyone began skating.  I used a queen sized sheet and it fit 5-6 children well.  We also set the "rink" up in a large space in the hallway, so the children who weren't skating or cheering could do other related activities in the classroom. These activities included ice skating painting (finger paint on foil with dollhouse people), practicing skating moves on the circle time carpet with music, and lacing with laminated construction paper skates."

Beth Steward

Free Competition Sign Printables:

Instructions on how to make a simple tutu from


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