Chicken Life Cycle Activities and Crafts

A hen does not need a rooster to lay eggs. However, a hen does need a rooster to fertilize its eggs, otherwise the eggs will not hatch. If the egg is fertilized, the mother hen or a broody hen will care for the egg by keeping it warm until it hatches. While developing, the unhatched chick will eat the yolk in the egg to get the nutrition it needs to grow and develop.

Lady the Leprechaun Shapes Fun

Meet Lady the Leprechaun. Most of us have never heard of a female leprechaun and the stories we were told were all about, well, round short men with beards and pots of gold. We thought that girls make great leprechauns as well and created this puppet and shapes recognition activities featuring Lady the Leprechaun.

Lady the Leprechaun Puppet

Lucky the Leprechaun Activities and Rhyme

Preschool and Kindergarten children will leap, laugh, and love learning the letter l with the help of Lucky the Leprechaun. 

Christmas Lotto and other Games

Gather your family around the kitchen table and play a game together while waiting for Santa.

What you need:

Christmas Lotto printables
Red craft paper
Hershey's Kisses
Small container

Free Christmas Lotto Printables:

Christmas Lotto Boards

Gingerbread Man and Girl Playdough Fun

Baking and making gingerbread cookies are part of the holiday celebrations and lend themselves to all sorts of sensory experiences. Make some gingerbread scented play dough together with your children. Then, let them have fun with the play dough on our gingerbread man and gingerbread girl play dough mats.

Christmas Tree Decorating Fine Motor Skill Activity

Children love to decorate Christmas trees. Provide a green felt Christmas tree and some small decorations and invite children to decorate their tree while practicing fine motor and sorting skills.

Galaxy Invitation to Play and Explore

Research has proven that children learn through play. Fine motor skills, creativity, and play are the main focuses in this fun galaxy and space play area in which children explore space and our galaxy. 

Focus Skills: fine motor skills, shapes, creativity

Fall Leaves Play and Sensory Exploration

Children often learn best and retain the most information when they use their senses. Our fall-themed sensory activities will encourage your preschoolers and kindergarteners to use all five senses as they explore, create, play, and investigate.

My Leaf Science

What you need:
A "special" leaf for each child
Small bag or basket
Magnifying glass
What you do:


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