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Learn, play, and explore the Letters of the Alphabet. Whether you’re doing Letter of the Week or simply giving more focus to a particular letter during your theme, you’ll find lots of great ideas for hands-on learning with our ABC Twiggles resources! The ABC Twiggles Program is structured to introduce children to the letters of the alphabet by using a multi-sensory approach. We believe that children learn best by doing, being fully engaged, and having fun. To match children's varying interests, abilities, and learning styles, ABC Twiggles has developed a multi-sensory letters of the alphabet program that focuses on alphabetic knowledge, phonological awareness, book and print concepts, and vocabulary development. Our curriculum incorporates activities that directly stimulate the five senses with exercises in dramatic play, art, movement, music, cooking, and literature exploration. Research driven and aligned to state and national standards, ABC Twiggles is designed to help your children acquire the important skills they need to get them ready for the next step—learning to read. 

As a ABC Twiggles member you will get access to our ABC Twiggles member site. Each letter contains the same type of resources and all of the ideas and activities are nicely organized, printable, and are only one click away. View all and print all resources for the letter A for free

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With our ABC Twiggles Program children will:

  • Learn the shape of the lowercase and uppercase letters of the alphabet.
  • Learn and recognize the sound that goes with each letter.
  • Learn to associate sounds with alphabet letters. 
  • Recognize the sound of the letters.
  • Identify words that begin with same beginning sound.
  • Identify the beginning sound of a word.
  • Learn the ASL sign for each letter.
  • Explore, form, and learn the shape of the letters.
  • Learn that the uppercase and lowercase letter have a distinct shape.
  • Recognize similarities and differences in the shapes of the letters.
  • Recognize the shape of the letters.
  • Develope fine motor skills by tracing the letters.
  • Be able to read their own writing.
  • Be able to print the letters.

These foundation skills make a difference in getting children ready for the next step--learning how to read. 

Letter Puppets
Make our letter puppets to associate a name to the sound of the letter. Example: Apple Annie for Letter A. Tell a story about Apple Annie incorporating words starting with the letter A.  

Preschool Activities: 

Meet the Letter and Letter Chant Printables

Explore the Shape of the Letter 

Have children form the letter they are learning. Use play dough, bread dough, light aluminum foil (great for the letter A), sticks, pipe cleaners, etc. Draw and cut letter shape out of craft paper and have children decorate it and hang on their wall.  

Letter Puzzles


Preschool Activities: 

Letter Word Wall, Coloring Page, and Matching Game

During your dinosaur theme, make a letter craft with children. Here is the example for a lowercase letter d dinosaur craft:

Letter Craft

Preschool Activities: 

Identify the Sound of the Letter

Letter Tongue Twisters

Letter Poster and Coloring Page

Letter Booklet to Color and Print


Letter Sound and Words Online Booklet

Letter Beginning Sound Folder Game

Letter Emergent Reader Booklet to Print

Interactive Online Book for each letter

Write the Letter

Trace the Letter


Write the letter

New Addition: Exploring the Letter with our Letter Fun Mats

Preschool Activities: 

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The research from the National Institute for Literacy concluded that the strongest and most consistent predictors of later literacy development are: Alphabet Knowledge, Phonologial Awareness and Memory, Rapid Automatized Naming of Letters and Objects, and Writing Letters.

With this important research in mind and the knowledge of how children learn best, we've created our ABC Twiggles program. 

Alphabet Knowledge

Read alphabet books together. There is a great selection of alphabet books available. Read as many as possible and borrow some from your local library.

Make an alphabet book and alphabet banner together. Use our Alphabet Banner printables available inside our ABC Twiggles member site.

Preschool Activities: 

Sing the alphabet song: Children love to sing and what better song to sing than the "Alphabet Song."

Read to your child: The first step in teaching the alphabet is reading stories to your children. Children will get the idea that books contain print, which is made up of letters.

Introduce the name of letter: There are lots of fun ways to introduce your child to each letter. Sign his or her name to his/her artwork, then point out each letter one by one. 


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