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Alligator and Crocodile Books and Rhymes

A is for Alligator and Cr for Crocodile. What better way to introduce the letter A  or the cr consonant blend to your preschoolers than with some alligator and crocodile books and rhymes.

Penguin Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

What wears a tuxedo, waddles like a duck but can “fly” through water, and is the star of movies? A penguin, of course!

Our book of the month is Tacky the Penguin.

Fingerprint Christmas Card

Discuss with children that people around the world wish each other a Merry Christmas in many different languages. Here are a few:

Penguins Small World Play Area

We had fun creating a penguins and Antarctica small world area for the children. This ice and snow play area is easy to put together with everyday household items. The wine cork penguins are easy to make and are a wonderful toy to explore and play in the icy and cold Antarctica. Find out how to make our penguin and Antarctica play area:

You will need:

Gingerbread Man and Girl Playdough Fun

Baking and making gingerbread cookies are part of the holiday celebrations and lend themselves to all sorts of sensory experiences. Make some gingerbread scented play dough together with your children. Then, let them have fun with the play dough on our gingerbread man and gingerbread girl play dough mats.


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