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fruit and vegetable activity

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Fruits and Vegetables Crafts, Fruits Vegetables Preschool Activities, Fruits And Vegetables Kindergarten Art Projects and Lessons

Fruits and Vegetables Crafts and Fruits Vegetables Preschool Activities. Our fruit and vegetable crafts, activities, games, and other resources present an exciting way for you and your children to learn about these healthy foods. Children will get to know fruits and vegetables, how they grow, and have fun with fruit-and-vegetable-related activities and other resources. See also our apple activities, crafts, and printables. Samples of our over 100 fruits and vegetables activities, crafts, fruits And vegetables kindergarten art projects, games, and printables available in our KidsSoup Resource Library:

Books related to our materials:
The Carrot Seed
by Ruth Krauss
Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens
Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert

Free Preschool Fruit and Vegetable Activities, Crafts, and Printables

fruits and vegetable craft

Fruit and Vegetable

vegetables coloring page

The Big Red Radish
Emergent Reader

felt story pictures

The Big Red Radish
Felt Story Pictures

Fruit and vegetable word wall

The Big Red Radish
Emergent Reader

fruit and vegetable cards

Fruit and Vegetable
Printables and Worksheet

tops and bottoms activities

Tops and Bottoms

Fruit and vegetable puppets

Fruit and Vegetable Puppets

vegetable soup booklet

Vegetable Soup

fruit worksheet

Fruits and Vegetables
Word Wall

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Free Fruits and Vegetables Activities and Crafts

Story and Language:
Fruits and Vegetables Introduction
Read the book Gregory the Terrible Eater by Mitchell Sharmat. This is a hilarious book about Gregory, who wants to eat fruits and vegetables, and his parents, who are more excited about tin cans and tires.

Surprise Bag:
Place one or two different fruits or vegetables into a small brown lunch bag. Give each child a bag. Have children take turns reaching into their bag without looking inside and describe how the fruit or vegetable feels (soft, hard, rough, smooth, round, etc.). Encourage them first to guess what it is, and then take it from the bag to reveal what it is.

Free fruits and vegetables crafts, activities, and printables

sweet potato craft

fruit and vegetable coloring page carrot craft fruit and vegetable song print Lily with vegetables coloring

Sweet Potato Man
Science Craft Project


Think of a fruit or vegetable and say," It's an orange. Mmm . . . a yummy orange." (Have children rub their bellies.) "An orange grows high up in a tree." (Have children reach up to pretend to pick an orange from a tree.) Repeat with different actions for the other fruits and vegetables in the bags. (Carrots--bend down and pull carrots, etc.).

Help children answer these questions about their fruits and vegetables, one at a time:
What does it look like? (Like a tree, a ball, a leaf)
Is this fruit/vegetable big or little?
How does it feel? (Smooth, rough, hard, soft, bumpy, cold, warm, crinkly)
What color is it?

Other questions to ask:
Do you know an animal that eats (name the fruit or vegetable)?
Where do you get the (name the fruit or vegetable) you eat at your house?
Does anyone at your house cook (name the fruit or vegetable)?
What is your favorite fruit?
What is your favorite vegetable?

Cut up the fruits and vegetables that you have and let children taste them. Make sure that children wash their hands before they eat.

Ask the questions:
What does the vegetable taste like? (Sweet, sour, salty)
What does it feel like in your mouth? (Juicy, crisp, hard)

Talk about how eating fruits and vegetables helps us grow and stay healthy.

Field Trip
Visit a local farmers market. Let children buy some items. Later, have them wash and try the fruits and vegetables.

Growing vegetable soup bookSong:

Fruits and Vegetables Are Good for Me!
(see below for printout)
(Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Apples, pears, and oranges too,
fruits are sweet for me and you.
Carrots, peas, and broccoli,
vegetables are good for me.

Fruits and vegetables
are good for you.
They keep you healthy
and are yummy too! (Rub bellies)



Growing Vegetable Soup (Books for Young Readers)



Free Fruits and Vegetable Crafts

Arts and Crafts:
Fruits and Vegetable Collage
Supplies: Magazines, fruits and vegetable printouts, construction paper, glue, scissors
Directions: Have children cut out pictures of fruits and veggies and glue them to construction paper to make a fruit and veggie collage.

Carrot Bookmark Craft
Draw or trace carrot shape onto orange craft paper. Ask children if they know which two colors make orange. Place a little of yellow and red paint on a paper plate and have children stir and mix the colors until they get an orange color. Cut a real carrot to get a round carrot stamp. Use carrot to stamp the orange color on the carrot outline. Let dry. Draw carrot leaf and attach a pipe cleaner with staples. When dry, cut out carrot shape and glue leaf with pipe cleaner on the carrot. Use staples to strengthen.

Sweeet Potato Man Plant Science
Put a sweet potato in a glass of water or plastic container, half in and half sticking out. Glue on wiggly eyes, a pompom, and a piece of black feather boa to make a potato man or woman. Add water from time to time and soon you will see a vine that begins growing.

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