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rain and weather activities

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Weather Crafts, Weather Preschool Activities, Weather Preschool Arts And Crafts, Games, and Printables

Weather Preschool Activities and Weather Crafts.
"April showers bring May flowers." The saying reminds us that rain helps flowers to grow. It also helps food and other plants to grow in the ground. Rain is very important. Without it our rivers and lakes would be empty and we wouldn't have enough water to drink. Use our great weather, rain, and rainbow activities and printables to learn about the water cycle and the many ways that people use water. Samples of our more than 100 weather crafts, preschool activities, games, and printables available in our KidsSoup Resource Library:

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The little raindrop felt story

The Little Raindrop
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The little raindrop story booklet

The Little Raindrop
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Free Weather Crafts, Preschool Activities, and Printables

Weather Chart

Chart the weather for each day of the month of April. Ask children for as many descriptive words as they can think of about the day! For example, is it sunny, warm, rainy, cloudy, windy, cold, etc? Place the weather card on the appropriate day of the week on the My Weekly Weather Report chart.

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Umbrella Walk
Talk about umbrellas with children. Explain that people use umbrellas to keep the sun and rain off. Open up an umbrella and have children see how many of them can fit under it. Go for a walk with children in the rain with the umbrella. Have them listen to the rain as it hits the umbrella. If it's sunny, go for a walk with children and the umbrella and talk about how the umbrella shades them from the sun.

Weather Rhymes and Book Suggestion


Dr. Seuss Weather Book Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, rain, go away.
Come again some other day.
We want to go outside and play.
Come again some other day.


Rain on the Green Grass

Rain on green grass,
And rain on the trees.
Rain on the rooftop,
But not on me!

Book suggestion:

Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today?: All About Weather (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)


Rainbow Colors

Rainbow purple,
Rainbow blue,
Rainbow green and yellow, too.
Rainbow orange,
Rainbow red,
Rainbow smiling overhead.
(Author unknown)

Eency-Weency Spider
The eency-weency spider
Went up the water spout. (Move hands up while touching index finger and thumb alternately.)
Down came the rain (Move hands down while wiggling fingers.)
And washed the spider out. (Cross arms.)
Out came the sun (Make a circle with arms above head.)
And dried up all the rain.
And the eency-weency spider
Went up the spout again. (Start spider moving up again.)

Paper Towel Umbrella
Cut an umbrella shape out of a paper towel. Have children drip watercolors on the shape and let dry. Add a handle to the umbrella.

Science Activity
Fill two jars with the same amount of water and mark the level of the water on the outside of the jars. Put a lid on one of the jars. Put the jars in a sunny place for a few days. Discuss with children what happened. Have children note that there is more water gone from the jar without lid and that inside the jar with the lid they can see tiny drops of water.

Ask questions like:
What happened to the water in the jar with no lid? (The water went into the air. It evaporated.)
What happened to the water in the jar with a lid? (The water stayed in the jar, Because of the lid, the water wasn’t able to escape or evaporate.)

Rainbow Salad Snack
Let children make a “rainbow” salad using the following fruits: red strawberries, orange oranges, yellow pineapple, green apples, blue blueberries, and purple grapes. Children will learn the colors of the rainbow while making and eating a delicious and nutritious snack!

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