Back to School with Pete the Cat Calendar Cards

Use the Pete the Cat calendar cards to teach your children the calendar, the numbers 1-31, and enjoy our bundle of fun math and oral language calendar cards extension activities for your preschool or kindergarten settings.

Pete the Cat Addition Activity

Learning addition and counting with our Pete the Cat math activity will make your kindergarten students "meow" for more.

Preschool Pre-Writing Fun with Twiggi

Before learning to write, it is important that preschool children practice tracing and drawing with a pencil to gain basic pencil-control skills. These preschool pre-writing activities lead to the ability to form letters and numbers.

Sample Cup Penguin Activities

Sample cups (the kind used for small tastes of yogurt or sides of ketchup) can be turned into the cutest penguins. You can find them in the grocery store. Once made, these penguins can be used for a variety of learning activities and pretend play areas. Here, we share a few ideas.

Sample Cup Penguins Craft

What you need:

Planets and the Solar System Activities

Learn about the planets in our solar system and their names. Craft foam can be turned into beautiful planets that children can sequence and label. These planets can also be used in other space-themed activities.

Telescope Craft and Outer Space Vocabulary Review

Children make their own telescopes from paper towel rolls and clear plastic cups. Then, they use their telescopes in an outer space vocabulary review. 

P is for Penguin Craft

Here is another cute letter P penguin craft. Children make penguins from the letter P. Post them together on a bulletin board for a P is for Penguin colony.

P is for Penguin Craft

What you need:

A Is for Alien Craft and Writing

Children make aliens out of the letter A. How many eyes will each alien have? Let children decide. 

A is for Aliens Craft and Writing

What you need:

Measuring and Counting with Ocean Animals

Learning is always much more fun when you can incorporate more than one sense.  This counting and measuring activity uses the children’s senses of touch and taste.

Grade, Age Range or Specialized Learner: Multi-age, Preschool/Pre-K, 3-5 year old

Target Learning Skills:

How Big Are You? Big and Bigger Preschool and Kindergarten Activity

Children think about what it means to be big, bigger, and biggest in this language and fine motor skills activity--a perfect fit after reading Kevin Sherry's hilarious book I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean.


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