Planets and the Solar System Activities

Learn about the planets in our solar system and their names. Craft foam can be turned into beautiful planets that children can sequence and label. These planets can also be used in other space-themed activities.

Planet Names Felt Story

Eight Little Aliens in a Flying Saucer Felt Story (Available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

Preschool Activities: 

Planet Sequencing Activity

What you need:

Planet printables
Optional: Craft foam in several colors

Preschool Activities: 


Preschool Activities: 

Preschool Activities: 

What you do:

Print the Planet Names and cut out. Laminate if desired. Print the planet printables or cut the craft foam into 8 circles of different sizes based on the sizes of the planets in the solar system. Decorate each planet according to basic information children will learn from fiction and nonfiction solar system books:

  • Mercury is the smallest planet.
  • Jupiter is the largest planet.
  • Earth has continents and oceans.
  • Neptune and Saturn have rings, but Neptune is smaller.
  • Jupiter has a large spot on its surface that is a giant wind storm.
  • Mars is bright red in color.
  • Venus is the brightest planet
  • Uranus is blueish-green

View also our Planet Fact Cards (Available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

Preschool Activities: 

Planet Order

The order of planets from closest to the sun to furthest from the sun is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Preschool Activities: 

Let children sequence the craft foam planets according to the information they have learned. Once the planets are sequenced, have children label them with the planet name cards. Let them refer back to the planet word wall cards or planet fact cards.

Planets Word Wall (Available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

Preschool Activities: 


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