Earth Day Preschool Activities, Lessons, and Games

Earth Day Activities, Lessons, Crafts, and Games for Preschool

Earth Day began on April 22, 1970 and has been celebrated every April 22 since then. It's a day to remind us to take care of our Earth. We reflect on our planet, our environment, and learn what we can do to help keep the Earth healthy. With our fun and educational activiites children will learn about the three Rs for taking care of our Earth: Recycle, reuse, and reduce.

Samples of our over 50 Earth Day preschool and kindergarten activities, lessons, crafts, and games available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library. 

Themes and Projects

Day 1: From Seed to Plant
Forest Trees and Plants Lesson Ideas
Day 3: Seeds


The Little Raindrop
I Can Help the Earth Handprint Craft
Forest Plants Paintbrushes and Art Exploration

Activities and Lessons

Story Time: One Bean by Anne Rockwell
In the Classroom: Over in the Forest


Sticks Counting and Quantities
Pick-up Trash Numbers
Planting Beans Sorting and Patterning

Science and Exploration

Story Time: One Bean by Anne Rockwell
Keeping the Ocean Clean
Protecting Our Waters Lesson Plan


Clean Up! Game
Flowers Matching Game
Build a Flower Game


Planting Beans Sorting and Patterning
Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands

Booklets and Other

EarTwiggle Helps The Earth Booklet
Earth Day Facts and Ideas
The Little Raindrop Story Booklet


Recycle Poster
The Water Cycle
Recycle Writing Activity
FREE Earth Day Crafts and Activities and Earth Day Book Suggestions

Earth Day Preschool Learning Center Ideas

Math Center

Collect and reuse bottle caps. Let children sort, count, and build with bottle caps.

Pretend Play Area:

Collect clean egg cartons, old magazine and store flyers, clean, washed cans, plastic bottles, foil scraps, etc. Create a recycling center and let children sort the different items in to containers. 

Earth Day Activities and Games

Listen to Nature Sounds 
Play some relaxing nature sound music. Have children lie on their backs, close their eyes, and listen to the sounds. Stop music and ask children what they heard. Hand out a piece of paper and have children draw a picture while listening to the music again.

Recycle, Protect, and Reduce
Discuss with your children that we need to recycle things so we stop creating so much trash. We need to stop wasting our precious resources like water and protect the living space of animals and people. We need to stop polluting our air, land, and water. We need to save energy and use our natural energy resources like the sun or the wind to keep our Earth a healthy place for living things.

Let's Use, Reuse, and Recycle

Let's use, reuse. and recycle.
Let's keep Earth as clean as can be.
The more we reuse, the less we abuse
Our wonderful land, air, and sea. 
Jean Warren

More Earth Day Activities and Crafts available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library

Earth Day 2013 crafts, writing, and folder games at

More Recycle Songs:

The More That We Recycle 
(Tune: Did You Ever See a Lassie Go This Way and That?)

Oh, the more that we recycle, recycle, recycle,
Oh, the more that we recycle, the happier we'll be.

Cuz your earth is my earth
And my earth is your earth
So the more that we recycle
The happier well be.

A Recycling Song 
(Tune: Frere Jacques)

Save your bottles, save your bottles,
Save your cans, save your cans
Bundle up your papers, bundle up your papers,
That's the plan, that's the plan.

Protect our Water Earth Day Activities

Talk to children about why water is so important to us. Learn about where water comes from and explain the water cycle with our The Little Raindrop story booklet and water cycle activities (available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library.)

Earth Day Felt Story and activities for preschool and kindergarten
Preschool Activities: 

Learn about the water cycle online at (

Talk about the need to keep rivers, lakes, and ponds clean for animals to live in and for us to have good water to drink.

Water pollution activity:
Place a white carnation in a container of black-colored water. The colored water will work its way up the stem and into the flower, turning the flower gray. Discuss how water pollution can get into plants. Animals and humans eat plants. What can pollution do to us?

Talk about how we can save water. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, etc.

I Can Help Our Earth Earth Day Craft (Step-by-step instructions available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

I can help our Earth - Earth Day craft from

Keep the Earth Clean: 
Explain to children that they can help keep their world looking clean by making sure that trash goes in the wastebasket and not on the ground. Have children keep an eye out for litter and clean up their neighborhood or school ground.

Keep the Air Clean:
Read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

Talk about the story and air pollution. Discuss how trees and plants help to clean the air. Plants and trees turn carbon dioxide into the oxygen that we need to breathe. Explain that we cannot see air but that it is all around us and that we need to keep our air fresh and clean to be healthy. Trees also help keep the soil from eroding away, and they give animals a place to live. Plant a tree or plant.

Air Activity: 
Have children blow through a straw, trying to move a cotton ball, paper, etc.

Earth Day Sun Print Craft
Take a dark colored craft paper and arrange different items such as leaves, flowers, yarn, and other items on the paper. Place in sunshine for about one hour. Remove items and paper from sunshine. Only the silhouettes of the items will remain on the paper. Your children just made a sun print.

Planting Activity: 
Have children plant flowers and plants and then watch them grow. Recycle a milk carton and make it into a beautiful planter for planting seeds or growing plants.

Earth Day craft milk carton planter
Preschool Activities: 


Plants and Trees Activities and Games

Save Trees 
Author unknown

Save trees
It's a breeze!
To recycle paper
You be the maker!


Talk about the importance of a forest with all its trees and plants. Take children on a trip to a forest and collect different forest items. At home explore and create some art with the collected materials.

Forest, trees, and plants activities and crafts available inside our KidsSoup Resource Libary.

Forest plants and trees preschool activities and crafts
Preschool Activities: 


Earth Day Resources Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Earth Day Lesson earth day coloring page earth day activity earth day award printable  
The Lorax Earth Day Lesson Friend of the Earth Award Printable  

Recycle and Earth Day Crafts:

Bottle Balero Toy Craft 

Earth Day Recycled Bottle craft idea and game
Preschool Activities: 

Cut the bottom off a small plastic bottle. Cut a strip of craft paper that fits around the bottle. Decorate with stickers, craft paper, etc. Add glue to the bottle and wrap craft paper strip around the bottle. Let dry. Tie a string of yarn to the bottle neck. Take a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil and place yarn on top. Form aluminum foil into a ball.

Game play: 
To play "ball in a cup" or balero, the player holds the toy at the bottle's neck and lets the ball free fall. The player then has to toss the ball upward by jerking the arm holding the toy. The main goal of the game is to put the ball in the cup.

Earth Day Book Suggestion:

Easy to Be Green: Simple Activities You Can Do to Save the Earth 

I Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (Little Green Books)

The Adventures of an Aluminum Can: A Story About Recycling (Little Green) The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About Recycling (Little Green)
The EARTH Book The Three R's: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle (What Do You Know About? Books) Curious George Plants A Tree Compost Stew
The Lorax (Classic Seuss) Where Does the Garbage Go?:
(Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)
Michael Recycle Why Should I Recycle? (Why Should I? Books)



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