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The Kissing Hands activities and lessons

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Rainforest Crafts and Rainforest Preschool Activites, Kindergarten Art Projects, Rhymes, and Printables

Rainforest Preschool Activites and Rainforest Crafts! Take children on a walk through the wilds of a tropical rainforest, home to over half of the world's species of animals and plants. This natural world of bright colors, interesting sounds, strong smells, and tasty treats opens up all sorts of possibilities for learning. The theme includes activities and games that will have children counting to thirty with a boa constrictor, matching letters with sloths, adding numbers with hummingbirds, constructing rain sticks, decorating a classroom mural, making banana treats, creating flower patterns, and much more. So, grab a hiking stick and have fun!

Samples of our rainforest crafts, rainforest preschool activities and lessons, folder games, and printables available in our KidsSoup Resource Library:

Free Rainforest Crafts, Activities, and Printables

Layers of rainforest activities and lesson
Layers of the
Rainforest Lesson

Rainforest animals printables and coloring page

Rainforest Animals

sloth and rainforest folder game
Sloth ABC
Folder Games
Rainforest animals emergent reader book
Rainforest Animals
Emergent Reader
Macaw and parrot craft and rhyme

Macaw Craft
and Rhymes

Rainforest felt story printables

Felt Stories

Toucan and rainforest animals craft

Toucan Crafts
and Rhymes

Rainforest bingo game

Rainforest Animals

Jaguar mask craft
Jaguar Mask
Songs and Rhymes

rainforest word wall

Word Wall

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Free Rainforest Crafts, Rhymes, Activities, and Printables


jaguar paw print tracing Rainforest coloring page   The rainforest grew book Rainforest the great kapok tree
Toucan Finger Puppet


The Rainforest Rhymes and Activities:

Over In the Rainforest
(based on "Down in the Jungle," original author unknown) Have children slap their hands on their knees and clap them together to set a rhythm for the activity.

Over in the rainforest
With the beat in your feet,
Think of an animal
That you'd like to meet.
That you'd like to meet
________! (Call out child's name to name a rainforest animal)

A (Tree Frog), A (Tree Frog) She wants to see a (Tree Frog)!

Let all of the children imitate the animal after it is called out (i.e. jumping or hopping for tree frogs). Repeat chant throughout the day or week until all children have had a turn to name a rainforest animal.

Rainforest Song and Book:

Rainforest book


The Little Macaws
(Point to one finger at a time.)

Five little Macaws under the rainforest canop
The first Macaw started to sing
The second macaw joined right in.
The third macaw made a crackly song.
The fourth macaw helped him along.
The fifth macaw cried, " -cree".
The concert is over under the Kapok tree
*Author Unknown



The Umbrella by Jan Brett

Visit Jan Brett's The Umbrella website for lots of great printables to make a rainforest mural.


Five Little Monkeys Swingin' in a Tree
(original author unknown)

Five little monkeys swingin' in a tree
(Action: Swing hands from side to side)

Teasin' Mister Crocodile, "You can't catch me�you can't catch me."
(Action: Put thumbs on temples and wave fingers in the air)

Along comes Mister Crocodile, as quiet as can be�
(Action: Place palms together and move in a forward swimming motion)

(Action: Clap hands together loudly)

Repeat with four, three, two, one and then say,

Away swims Mister Crocodile as full as he can be.
(Action: Shake head from side to side)

The Rainforest Activities

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