Deep in the Jungle Preschool Lesson Plans and Activities

Jungle preschool lesson plans, activities, and crafts

Oh, my! Tigers, elephants, and monkeys! Jump on board this month with KidsSoup to take an exciting tour through the jungle to learn about these and other junge animals, as well as many types of jungle plants. Through our jungle-themed preschool and kindergarten lesson ideas, crafts, and activities, your children will move like jungle animals, learn jungle animal names, create jungle artworks, practice their handwriting, and play jungle-themed learning games. So join us now and get ready to begin your adventure.

Deep in the Jungle Preschool Activities and Crafts

preschool jungle animals lesson plan and activities
Preschool Activities: 

The focus of these preschool activities and crafts is jungle and the animals that live in the jungle. Children will learn how a jungle is different from a forest, play a jungle predators and prey game in which they learn the names of jungle animals and their initial sounds; color and put together jungle animal puzzles; create jungle animal artworks of jaguars, black panthers, and toucans; and make the movements of jungle animals, such as elephants, tigers, and monkeys.


It's a Tiger! Preschool Activities and Crafts

Tigers and jungle animals preschool activities and crafts
Preschool Activities: 

The focus of these fun preschool activities and craft is the beautiful orange and black striped tiger. Children will use the colors orange and black to create tiger artwork and make patterns with buttons or counters, play a predators and prey game to identify the beginning sounds l, p, t, and w, go on a tiger hunt, and practice writing the letter t.

Elephants Preschool Activities and Crafts
Preschool elephants activities, rhymes, and crafts
Preschool Activities: 
Preschool children will learn and explore the magnificent elephant. Children will jump, hop, and crawl on pictures of elephants numbered 1-10 arranged in a number line, create an elephant artwork using black and white paint to make the color gray, and stomp like elephants outdoors using our large elephant cards to make hopscotches or obstacle courses. 

Monkeys and Apes Preschool Activities and Crafts

Preschool monkeys activities and crafts
Preschool Activities: 


In these group of preschool lessons and activities is monkeys and apes. Children will learn how monkeys and apes are different and the same, match upper- and lowercase letters, develop fine motor skills by making play dough bananas to feed the monkeys, and practice visual discrimination by matching monkey shapes to their shadows. 

Teasing Mr. Crocodile Preschool Activities and Crafts

Crocodiles preschool activities, games, and crafts
Preschool Activities: 

The focus of these group of preschool activities and lessons is the crocodile. Children will learn how crocodiles and alligators differ, make motions to a funny rhyme presented on a felt board about a crocodile that is trying to catch five little monkeys sitting in a tree, clip crocodile clothespins onto different wheels to build skills such as dividing words into syllables, substitizing, identifying numbers, sight words, etc., and much more.

Snakes - Sally Snake Can Make Shapes Preschool Activities

Sally Snake Preschool Shapes Activities and Games
Preschool Activities: 

All about shapes! Preschool children will discover and learn to make shapes from circles to squares to triangles with the help of Sally Snake. Children will listen to and read the book Shapes Sally Snake Can Make and then they will make different shapes on the table, on tracing mats, and on play dough mats with different snake-like manipulatives such as ropes, chenille stems, and play dough. 


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