In the Classroom

Ghost Peek-a-Boo! Booklet and Preposition Activity

Halloween is an exciting time and one of the most fun holidays of the year for many children. They get to dress up in wacky costumes, and they get treats and candy to boot. As teachers, we can embrace our students' excitement by bringing it into our curriculum.

Sharing How We Celebrate the Christmas Holidays

Children enjoy sharing stories from their lives and bringing in items from home to share with their friends. The class book I celebrate by… is a perfect resource for sharing aspects of students' holiday traditions in the classroom.

Home Is Where the Heart is - All About Me Lesson Plan

Most children want to bring their friends over to see their homes. This activity will allow children to talk about their home and to bring their home to their preschool and kindergarten classroom for everyone to see.

Fall Leaf Activities

Fall offers plenty of natural materials to use with children--twigs, rocks, pinecones, you name it! Especially beautiful and useful are leaves. Leaves and their different shapes, patterns, and changing colors give children many opportunities to learn. These activities will inspire you to incorporate leaves in your next activities. Click on each picture for more details.

Fall Leaves Small World Play Area

Autumn is a great time to let children explore and play with materials found in nature. Our small world play area presents an environment in which your children can develop their creativity and imaginations as they explore, pretend, and play with a variety of nature materials and small toy animals.

Fall Leaves Play and Sensory Exploration

Children often learn best and retain the most information when they use their senses. Our fall-themed sensory activities will encourage your preschoolers and kindergarteners to use all five senses as they explore, create, play, and investigate.

My Groovy Shoes Craft and Book

Children of all ages--from preschool to kindergarten--will "get into the groove" as they have fun making and decorating a pair of "groovy" looking shoes which they can wear, practice lacing, and/or contribute to a class book.

Invitation to Play - Seasonal Tree Play Area

Create an inspiring tree play area where preschool children will love to explore, discover, and create stories and decorate the tree for all seasons.

You will need a narrow wall mirror and some branches with some leaves still attached. 

Fun in the Sun Summer Activities

Summer time offers us a great opportunity to take much of our learning outside and let children play and explore different materials with all their senses.
Grade, Age Range or Specialized Learner: Multi-age, Preschool/Pre-K, 3-5 year old


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