Christmas in Canada Ideas for the Classroom

Canadians during Christmastime might greet you by saying "Merry Christmas" or "Joyeux Noel"! And Santa, Father Christmas, or Pere Noel deliver the presents.

The Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree is the main symbol of Christmas across Canada, in homes, businesses, and public areas. The balsam fir is the most popular Christmas tree grown in Canada. It is known for its dark green appearance, its good needle retention, its attractive form, and its wonderful fragrance. The Christmas tree was introduced to Canada at the end of the eighteenth century, even before it became commonplace in England. Today, Canadians decorate Christmas trees with ornaments and electric lights. Often a Christmas creche (nativity scene) is placed under the tree.

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Christmas Tree Preschool and Kindergarten activities and crafts

Show children a picture of an evergreen tree decorated. "Before Jesus was even born, many people would decorate an evergreen tree like the one in this picture with fruits at a feast that they celebrated in the middle of winter. The evergreen tree was a sign to them that winter would end. Later, people in Germany began to decorate fir trees both inside and outside with roses, apples, colored paper, and candles. The idea of decorating a tree spread to England and America." If available, show child a map of the world. Point out Germany and America.

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Book Suggestion: A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree

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Christmas Tree Ornaments 

The first Christmas trees were decorated with real fruit and flowers. Later, people added cookies, nuts, candies, tiny gifts, and lighted candles. Then, people called glass blowers began making glass balls to decorate trees. Ask children "What do you decorate your tree with?"

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More Christmas in Canada Information:

Christmas Dinner

A typical Christmas dinner in Canada might consist of roast turkey or chicken, a variety of vegetables, potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, and plum pudding or mince pies. A special type of Christmas dinner called reveillons is often eaten in French Quebec. The dinner begins with lobster, oysters, and escargot; the main course is usually roast turkey and sometimes meat pies (tourtiore) made from pork, potatoes, and onions; dessert is a buche de Noel, which is a cake covered in chocolate buttercream frosting garnished with raspberries.

Sinck Tuck

Sinck Tuck, a festival that was started by the Inuit, is celebrated in some provinces of Canada. It is a time for singing songs, dancing, and exchanging presents.

Barley Candy and Chicken Bones

At Christmas Canadians eat candy called Barley Candy and Chicken Bones. Barley Candy is a special type of candy made from barley sugar (created combining barley water, cane sugar, and cream of tarter together) that is molded into a santa, reindeer, snowman, tree, or other Christmas symbol and is usually put on a stick to create a lollipop. Chicken Bones is a type of pink candy that tastes like cinnamon and has a creamy milk chocolate center.

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