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29 December 2014

Learn, play, and explore the Letters of the Alphabet. ...

23 December 2014

Gather your family around the kitchen table and play a game together while waiting for Santa.

What you need:


13 December 2014

Ho Ho Ho! Have a jolly and laugh-filled holiday with this Santa on a Stick dessert. Make these little Santa Fruit Pops with your kids after dinner...

11 December 2014

A is for Alligator and Cr for Crocodile. What better way to introduce the letter A  or the cr consonant blend to your preschoolers than with some...

9 December 2014

What wears a tuxedo, waddles like a duck but can “fly” through water, and is the star of movies? A penguin, of course!

Our book of the...

9 December 2014

Discuss with children that people around the world wish each other a Merry Christmas in many different languages. Here are a few:



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