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Dr. Seuss activities and lessons

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Dr Seuss Inspired Preschool and Kindergarten Lessons, Crafts, Activities, and Printables

Dr Seuss Crafts and Dr Seuss Preschool Activities. This theme introduces children to the wacky world of Theodor Seuss while reinforcing number, color, and rhyming concepts. Begin the theme by introducing Dr. Seuss on or around his birthday on March 2nd. Follow the celebration by engaging children in a series of activities, games, songs, and rhymes linked to four of Theodor Seuss’s most popular books for young children: The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, One fish two fish red fish blue fish, and The Foot Book. Children will enjoy the company of delightful characters, language, and illustrations while building vocabulary, literacy, and math skills. Cook up some green eggs and ham, grab a plate, and enjoy this theme’s visit with the imagination of Dr. Seuss! Samples of our Dr Seuss inspired activities, lessons, crafts, folder games, and printables available in our KidsSoup Resource Library:

Free Dr Seuss Crafts, Dr Seuss Activities. Games, and Printables

Cat, hat, fish, foot activities and crafts
Cat, Hat, Foot
Crafts, Activites
cat with hat crafts and activities

Cat with Hat
Crafts, Activities

Fish crafts and activities
Fish Colors
Crafts, Activities
green eggs and ham activities and crafts

Green Eggs, Ham
Craft and Activities

Eggs, Ham Folder Game

Eggs, Ham
Rhyming Games

green eggs and ham activities and crafts

Feet and Opposites
Craft and Activities

My foot book printables

Five Cats with Hats
Felt Story

Animals with hats emergent reader

Animals with Hats
Emergent Reader

My foot book printables

My Foot Book

Dr. Seuss word wall

Word Wall

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Free Dr Seuss Crafts, Dr Seuss Activities, and Printables

Show several books by Dr. Seuss to children. Ask if anyone has read any of the books or has any of them at home. Explain that each of the books was written by the same man. Introduce his formal name (Theodor Seuss Giesel) and the name he mainly uses as an author (Dr. Seuss). Write the names on the chart paper. Place a framed photo of Dr. Seuss somewhere in the room.


Cat in the Hat Stick Puppet KidsSoup.com
Free Cat in the Hat Stick Puppet Craft

What you need:

Jumbo craft stick
Cat face printouts
Red marker
Black marker
Bowtie Pasta
Red food coloring
Rubbing alcohol
Zip-Lock bag

Cat with Hat puppet KidsSoup, Inc.



What you do:

Preparation: Add some red food coloring and a couple drops of rubbing alcohol to a zip-lock bag. Add the bowtie pasta and seal the bag. Move the pasta around until it is covered with red color. Pour pasta on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Let dry.

1. Print Cat Face printable and cut out the cat face.

2. With a black marker draw the cat's eyes, nose, and mouth.

3. Glue the cat face on the craft stick leaving the top free for the hat.

4. With a red marker draw stripes on the hat part.

5. Glue red bowtie pasta below the cat's face.




Cat with hat printable







Learn more about Dr. Seuss at catinthehat.org



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Dr. Seuss' books ignite a child's imagination with his mischievous characters and zany verses.


Dr. seuss books

Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection

Cat in the Hat

One Fish Two Fish

Green Eggs and Ham

Hop on Pop

Fox in Socks)



Cat and Hats Activities and Crafts:

Read The Cat and the Hat to children. Ask them what they like about the story and the pictures after reading. Write their responses on chart paper. Take time to point out the special characteristics of Dr. Seuss's illustrations and his use of rhyme.






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