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Cat in the Hat Stick Puppet

Cat in the Hat Stick Puppet

What you need:

Jumbo craft stick
Cat face printouts
Red marker
Black marker
Bowtie Pasta
Red food coloring
Rubbing alcohol
Zip-Lock bag

What you do:

Add some red food coloring and a couple drops of rubbing alcohol to a zip-lock bag. Add the bowtie pasta and seal the bag. Move the pasta around until it is covered with red color. Pour pasta on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Let dry.

Print Cat Face printable and cut out the cat face.

With a black marker draw the cat's eyes, nose, and mouth.

3. Glue the cat face on the craft stick leaving the top free for the hat.

4. With a red marker draw stripes on the hat part.

5. Glue red bowtie pasta below the cat's face.