Letters of the Alphabet Activities

St. Patrick's Day with the Letter Gg for Gold and Green

Children decorate the letter Gg with green grass and gold glitter and represent the number 5 with green and gold coins. Combine both projects and you'll have the necessary ingredients for an awesome and educational St. Patrick's Day bulletin board! 

Gingerbread Man Letter Matching

One KidsSoup member tells how she uses the Gingerbread Man Alphabet letters to do an end-of-the-year assessment and play a fun matching game perfect for the holiday season. 

Grade, Age Range or Specialized Learner: Multi-age, Preschool/Pre-K, 3-5 year old

Letter J for Jingle Bells

Today's holiday spirit is brought to you by the letter J! Children will love this festive Letter J Jingle Bell craft as well as the Jingle Bells Folder Game and 1-10 counting activity. Spend the day getting to know the letter J, and your classroom is sure to be joyful and jolly!

What's Your Name?

Preschool is an exciting time for learning the letters of the alphabet! Children begin to learn that letters have sounds and that these sounds are in spoken words. A great way to start a child on the journey to letter recognition is with his or her name. Young children naturally like to see their names in print.

Outdoor Alphabet Fun

Children love being outside, hunting for treasure, and meeting challenges, so why not combine all three for a fun afternoon of finding things that begin with letters from the alphabet? 


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