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Preschool is an exciting time for learning the letters of the alphabet! Children begin to learn that letters have sounds and that these sounds are in spoken words. A great way to start a child on the journey to letter recognition is with his or her name. Young children naturally like to see their names in print. They show great interest in learning the letters that form their names and the sounds those letters make. When children start preschool, they are expected to recognize their first names, the letters that make up their names, and the correct order of the letters in their names.

So, how can you best help children learn to read and sound out their names? Here’s a list of great ideas to get you started!

Read Alphabet Books

Read any alphabet book together. As you read, point to the letters on each page. Say something along the lines of, “This is the page for the letter D. Here is the big or uppercase letter D, and here’s the little or lowercase d.” Encourage children to help identify the pictures on the page. Say the words together and explain that all of the words begin with the letter D, which makes the /d/ sound. Ask the children if any of their names start with the letter D and ask them to stand up.

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A, My Name Is Alice Q Is for Duck: An Alphabet Guessing Game ABC Dinosaurs (AMNH ABC Board Books)

Start with Beginning Sounds
Write your child’s name on a big piece of paper. Point to the first letter, name the letter, and make the letter sound. Next, look for some pictures or items that are described by a word that begins with the same letter. For example, if your child's name starts with M, you might look for a mirror, a magazine, a stuffed mouse, a picture of a moon etc.

Preschool Activities: 

Name Craft

Cut lengths of cardbaord from cereal boxes and cover with strips of colored construction paper. Write each child's name in bubble letters across the strips. Review the letters of the alphabet and the concept of consonants and vowels. Write the five vowels on chart paper for children to reference. Explain that children will fill in the bubble letters of ther names with two kinds of beans: red/pinto for the consonants in their names and white/navy for the vowels in their names. Give children time to complete their projects. 

Preschool Activities: 

Name Writing and Letter Shaping
Let your child or children practice writing their names in sand, a small tray of rice, shaving cream, pudding, finger paint, or sidewalk chalk. Or form the letters from bread or cookie dough and bake them for a delicious snack. Cooked spaghetti is another choice. Have your child order the letters correctly to spell his or her name before snacking on them. Use materials from nature to form the letters and to spell out the name.

Preschool Activities: 

Use Children’s Printed Names to Transition

Hold up a child’s name and have children follow with your finger from left to right while reading it. After a name is read, let children move from one activity to the next or dismiss the children. Once children are familiar with each other’s names, ask them to assist you in reading them.

Label Spaces or Items with Children’s Names

Place name cards on the table for mealtime or snack time or make placemats marked with children’s names. Label cubbies, hangers, and helper or job charts. Pair­ing printed names with children’s pictures supports those children who are just beginning to notice printed material.

Name ABC Placemat

Preschool Activities: 

Tape two pieces of craft paper together. Print ABC Placemat printables and use spray glue or glue stick to glue on top of the craft paper. Write the children's name on the placemat. Let children use crayons to trace along the letters of their name. Cover with clear contact paper.

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