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Travel Crafts, Planes Preschool Activities, Train Preschool Arts And Crafts, Games, Printables

Travel Crafts, Planes and Train Preschool Activities.
Zoom into this theme to discover a well packed arrangement of preschool and kindergarten songs, rhymes, literacy ideas, math activities, movement activities, recipes, and literature focusing on airplane, ship, and train travel. Children are given many opportunities to learn about adventuring to new places via the high seas, railroad tracks, and the friendly skies. They participate in hands-on activities that immerse them in the world of going somewhere. Along the way, they count, sort, graph, participate in oral language activities, learn about compound words, practice word recognition, act, sing, and much more. So, purchase a ticket, hop on board, and enjoy the ride! Below are some samples of our over 75 NEW travel crafts, train and planes preschool activities, and resources we've added to our KidsSoup Resource Library.

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Travel, Train, Ship, Airplane Printables, Lesson Ideas, and Rhymes

During the holiday season many people will be traveling by land, air, or maybe even water to visit loved ones. Take this opportunity to talk with your children about different ways to travel: by car, by plane, by train, or by boat. Here are some travel ideas to help you get your discussion started.


Family traveling coloring page
Sailboat Coloring Page

ship maze

Train tracks pre-writing skill worksheet
Thanksgiving Travel  activity


Getting Ready for a Trip:

Talk about the clothing we need to pack to go on a trip. Sing the song and act out the movements that go along with the song.

It’s Time to go on a Trip, Hurray!
Tune: Old Mac Donald Had a Farm)
By Jolanda Garcia, KidsSoup, Inc.

 It’s time to go on a trip, Hurray! E I E I O,

I pack some socks and fold them tight, E I E I O,

With a sock sock here, and a sock sock there,

Here a sock, there a sock, everywhere a sock sock.

It’s time to go on a trip Hurray! E I E I O,


I pack some shirts

I pack some pants

I pack some shoes

I pack some underwear



Packing a Suitcase Dramatic Play
Place some old suitcases and baskets of clothing items in an area of the classroom. Show children how to fold different items of clothing to fit into a suitcase. Provide time for children to pretend in small groups that they are packing for a trip. They can practice folding and packing for dramatic play.


Grandma's ABC Suitcase Game
Play this memory game with kids about the items Grandma packed in her suitcase when she went on a trip. Start the game by saying, "Grandma went on a trip and she took along an apple." Explain that each child will add one thing to Grandma's suitcase in alphabetical order. For younger kids, they can just name the next object, for example, "Grandma went on a trip and she took along a basketball." For older kids, encourage them to try to add the new item after reciting all of the previous items, for example, "Grandma went on a trip and she took along an apple, a basketball, and a canary." Continue with the game until all the alphabet letters have been used or play the game a little at a time. Keep a record of the children's responses for each letter of the alphabet for a class book, Grandma's ABC Suitcase.

New Going Places and Travel by Train, Airplane, Car, and Ship Activities, Games, and Crafts

Going Places Travel activities


The Airplane
(Author Unknown)

The airplane has great big wings: (stretch arms out horizontally)
Its propeller spins around and sings, "Vvvvvv!" (spin one arm around)
The airplane goes up, (lift up arms)
The airplane goes down, (lower arms)
The airplane flies high (stretch arms out horizontally again and spin self around)
Over the town!

Kidsongs - Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes


Did You Ever See an Airplane?
(Tune of "Did You Ever See a Lassie?")
(Author Unknown)

Did you ever see an airplane, an airplane, an airplane
Did you ever see an airplane way up in the sky?
There are big ones and small ones,
And short ones and long ones
Did you ever see an airplane way up in the sky?

Did you ever see a train, a train, a train
Did you ever see a train on the track?
There are big ones and small ones,
And short ones and long ones
Did you ever see a train on the track?

Did you ever see a ship, a ship, a ship
Did you ever see a ship on the water?
There are big ones and small ones,
And short ones and long ones
Did you ever see a ship on the water?