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Help Your Preschooler to Be Successful in School

Preschool Activity Ideas, Crafts, Lesson Plans, and Printables

Use our preschool ideas and preschool lesson plans to give your children a head start or some extra help to develop essential skills necessary for a successful transition to kindergarten or first grade. Our ready-to-use preschool curriclum, activities, and games allow children to develop naturally and at their own pace. Our printable resources contain flexible and fun hands-on learning activities that teach and develop academic skills, promote creativity, and instill a "love to learn" in your children. Our teacher-tested resources are perfect for preschool and kindergarten homeschooling.
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I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your site. I am a teacher who has taken an extended leave from my job to stay at home with my two girls (ages 3 and 1 1/2). Your site has opened up a fun and interesting world to us as we stay home together. I appreciate the quality of the materials as well as the variety available. I love the theme idea and was doing it on my own before I found your site. Now I get the theme ideas from you and just roll with the ideas you put forward. We joined as a member because I wanted full access to the materials. The price is definitely not too expensive for the materials you provide. Keep up the great effort!"

~Sheila, Mother

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ABC and Letter Activities and Crafts

NEW! ABC Twiggles Curriculum and membership. Visit our ABC Twiggles member site to preview the resources for the letter A for FREE

The ABC Twiggles program is a research-based curriculum with an engaging blend of technology, literature, and instructional teacher support. The resources aquaint preschool children with the letters of the alphabet through various fun, learning activities involving all of their senses.

Name of the Letter - Letter puppets and crafts
Shape of the Letter - Letter shape activities and writing worksheets
Sound of the Letter - Emergent reader booklets and beginning sound games
Printing the Letter - Letter writing worksheets
Words Associated with the Letter - Emergent reader booklets and beginning sound games
ABC Activities and Games - ABC order, recognizing letters worksheets and activities, lowercase and uppercase matching games.
Letter craft
Interactive, online story books and online game
Letter movement activities and letter snacks

Language and Literacy Activities

Develop Your Child's Interest In Reading. Reading is the most important skill a child will ever learn.

Reading skills are critical for preschool learning and childhood development. By developing an interest in reading, you'll instill the desire to learn to read. Our resources contain fun and age-appropriate literacy activities and emergent reader booklets for children to color and share. Finger plays, rhymes, songs, and felt stories are another fun way to help your children develop the vocabulary they will need as they enter school and begin to read.

Preschool activity ideas and Kindergarten Printable Activities, Games, and Worksheets.

Math Activities, Games, and Worksheets

Learning and using early math skills help children to make sense of the world around them and to develop their ability to reason and to problem solve.

A preschooler must grasp several key concepts to set a foundation for math. Using mathematical concepts is a natural part of young children's play and daily activities. Through play, children explore mathematical concepts such counting, sorting, measuring, classifying, comparing quantities, and recognizing shapes and patterns.

Our resources contain printable lesson plans, activities, folder games, and preschool ideas for teaching math with manipulatives. Our worksheets provide children with the opportunity to practice their learned skills: Numbers, Shapes, Measurement, Patterns, Counting, and Simple Additions and Substractions.

Arts and Crafts Projects

Let your child explore his/her creative mind and develop and strengthen necessary fine motor skills.

Printable art and craft projects will stimulate your child's imagination and creativity. Arts and crafts activities help the development of fine and gross motor skills in young children. Our resources contain printable step-by-step instructions, patterns, and pictures of each art or craft project! All our projects use craft materials that can be easily found around the house or bought in any craft store such as construction paper, pompoms, craft sticks, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, and recycled materials like old cereal boxes and paper rolls.

Pre-writing Skills, Fine Motor Skills, and Gross Motor Skills Activities

Before learning to write, it is important that children practice tracing and drawing with a pencil or crayon to gain basic pencil-control skills. These pre-writing skill activities lead to the ability to form letters and numbers.

Use our printable preschool activities, coloring pages, tracing worksheets, and writing worksheets to support your young children's fine motor development and help them build the strength and dexterity (quick and precise movements and coordination of the hands and fingers) necessary to hold a pencil appropriately. Indoor and outdoor games help develop your preschool children's ability and gross motor skills through various activities and songs.

School and Learning Become Fun for Both Parent and child

Our KidsSoup Resource Library is the perfect solution for any parent that is in need of a creative homeschooling curriculum and preschool ideas for their young children. Our age-appropriate resources can be fit to your children's development, are playful, and build upon your children's interests. Our flexible, yet organized, resources make it easy to find a resource that engages your young learners and lays a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

happy childRemember: Each child grows and develops skills at his or her own rate and in his or her own ways.

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