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graduation ideas and activities

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Graduation Crafts, Graduation Preschool Activities, and Graduation Kindergarten Art Projects

Graduation Crafts and Graduation Preschool Activities. Graduating from preschool or kindergarten is an important milestone in the life of your child. It is a big step to leave preschool and go to Kindergarten or to go from Kindergarten to first grade. Young Children can be struggling with change — new school, new children, new teacher. They are likely filled with mixed emotions. To help you ease the transition we created a variation of graduation crafts and gift ideas, end-of-school celebration activities, and graduation literacy lessons and activities around the book “A House for Hermit” which is a great book to ease the fear of change. Here are some of our more than 30 graduation crafts, graduation preschool activities, games and other resources available in our KidsSoup member site:

Free graduation crafts, preschool activities, coloring pages, and printables

Hermit crab activities and printables

A House for Hermit
Crab Activities

Graduation coloring pages

Coloring Pages

Graduation certificate free

Certificate Printables

graduation cap craft

Graduation Crafts
and Gift Ideas

graduation gift ideas

Graduation Gift
Ideas and Activities

Graduation letter from teacher

Graduation Letter
from Teacher to Kids

Graduation Award Ribbons

Awards Crafts
and Printables

Graduation Word Wall

Word Wall

Preschool graduation printables


Hermit Crab Folder Game

Hermit Crab
/cr/ Folder Game

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Free end of year and graduation activities, rhymes, printables, and last day of school and graduation book suggestions

Graduating preschool or kindergarten is an exciting time for you and your child. Enjoy these free printables and resources to celebrate this important milestone together.

graduation rhymes and songs
EarTwiggle graduation coloring page
Lily graduation coloring page
graduation stickers
Graduation Poster
Graduation Poster


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Kindergarten and Preschool Graduation Rhymes and Songs

Kindergarten and Preschool Graduation Gift Ideas

Kindergarten and Preschool Graduation and End of Year Activities

Graduation Snack Ideas


Books for the Last Day of School and Graduation from Preschool or Kindergarten:
Last Day Blues last day of school book Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten The Last Day of Kindergarten Oh, the Places You'll Go Pop-Up Curious You: On Your Way!
Last Day Blues

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten

The Last Day of Kindergarten Oh, the Places You'll Go Pop-Up Curious You: On Your Way!
graduation preschool and kindergarten activities and books graduation book preschool and kindergarten graduation books graduation book preschool and kindergarten  
Junie B. Jones Is a Graduation Girl (Junie B. Jones, No. 17) Hello Kitty's Graduation Day (Hello Kitty and Friends) Yay, You! : Moving Out, Moving Up, Moving On A House for Hermit Crab (World of Eric Carle)  



Letter and Poem from Teacher to Parent and Child

Dear Parents,

A few months ago, you entrusted me with your child. It’s time now for me to give you back your child—a little heavier, taller, wiser, and certainly more mature. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of your child’s growth. We have learned, laughed, and played, together this past year. Although I would love to continue this wonderful relationship, it is time for your child to move on to bigger and better things. Remember, your child will always hold a special place in my heart, and I hope that wherever your child goes, whatever your child does, and whoever your child becomes, he/she will be happy and successful. Congratulations to your child for a job well done!


Your Teacher
(Author Unknown)

I'm glad I was your teacher
I've come to love you so.
I can't believe the end is here
I hate to see you go. 

Remember all the fun we had
in all the things we did,
But most of all remember
You're a very special kid!


End Of Year
(Author Unknown)

You’re a very special person,
And I wanted you to know,
How much I enjoyed being your teacher.
How fast the years did go ! Please come back to visit me As through the grades you grow, Try hard to
learn all that you can There is so much to know !
The one thing I tried to teach you, To last your whole life through, Is to
know that you are SPECIAL, There is no one else like you !


Graduation Songs and Rhymes:

Simple Graduation Song:
Tune: Mullberry Bush

We are here to graduate, graduate, graduate
We are here to graduate, on this special day!


(Author Unknown) 

Do you remember way last fall
When I was only just this tall?
Now look at me! I'm up to here!
And my, I've learned alot this year!
In fact, you think I'm really great!
That's why I get to graduate!


Graduation Friendship
by Joanna Fuchs

We’re graduating, and we know
Our lives will be different and new;
We’re going out into the world,
Our goals and dreams to pursue.

But one thing will never, ever change,
As we go our separate ways;
The friends we’ve made in school will be
Our friends for all our days.

The special ties and attachments we’ve made,
These bonds will never be broken;
We’ll continue to feel that special bond,
Though words may not be spoken.

So it’s not "goodbye," but rather "farewell;"
I’ll see you again, my friend.
Your friendship means a lot to me,
And it will never end.


Last day of school and graduation books:

Book suggestions for the last day of school and preschool or kindergarten graduation