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Lady the Leprechaun Shapes Fun

Meet Lady the Leprechaun. Most of us have never heard of a female leprechaun and the stories we were told were all about, well, round short men with beards and pots of gold. We thought that girls make great leprechauns as well and created this puppet and shapes recognition activities featuring Lady the Leprechaun.

Lady the Leprechaun Puppet

Sample Cup Penguin Activities

Sample cups (the kind used for small tastes of yogurt or sides of ketchup) can be turned into the cutest penguins. You can find them in the grocery store. Once made, these penguins can be used for a variety of learning activities and pretend play areas. Here, we share a few ideas.

Sample Cup Penguins Craft

What you need:

CVC Word Easter Egg Activity

Plastic Easter eggs are a great tool for providing practice with reading, forming, and sorting CVC words. Here we provide a few ideas to get you started!

CVC Word Easter Egg Preschool and Kindergarten Activity

What you need:

One Duck Stuck: Story Recall with Manipulatives

Recalling events from a story is an important skill for children to learn.  It helps them build the cognitive skills they need to sequence events, tell their own stories, and later become great writers.  There are several ways you can have children recall events: question and answer games, writing/drawing, acting out stories, and using manipulatives.

5 Little Ducks Went Out One Day Story Mat and Activities

Practice counting skills, math skills, language development, the sound of /k/, and retelling skills with the repetitive story and song "Five Little Ducks."

One Duck Stuck Rhyming Words Game and Movement Activity

Webbed duck feet add extra flair to this study of rhyming words from the book One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root. Children play a traditional matching game and then waddle like ducks across large rhyming duck feet taped to the floor or sidewalk.

Kindergarten Common Core Standards

Hop Pop An Apple On Top

10 Apples up on Top? What else is on top? Apples, bananas, plates, cups, cars, hats, balls on more! Read on for some reading, rhyming, hopping, and popping activity ideas that children are sure to love!


  • Gross Motor Skills

Story Sequencing Activities for The Mitten

A preschool teacher shares three ways to incorporate story sequencing into your students' daily routine. Here, she uses the KidsSoup sequencing cards for the children's classic story The Mitten. 

Grade, Age Range or Specialized Learner: Multi-age, Preschool/Pre-K, 3-5 year old

Target Learning Skill(s): Sequencing Story Events

Kindergarten and Preschool Healthy Teeth Lessons and Activities

February is National Children's Dental Health Month. Celebrate and learn more about the importance of a healthy smile and good dental habits.  Our preschool and kindergarten dental health activities help children to get a good start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.


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