Little Owl in the Tree - Online Book Activities

Whoo, whoo - it's you! Children will have a hooting good time and become wiser about owls, nocturnal animals, and learn the shape of the letter O. 

Before Reading

Ask your children what they know about owls. Look at pictures of different types of owls and explain that owls are birds of prey and that they can be found in different places around the world. 

Watch the Video All About Owls: Backyard Bird Series - FreeSchool together.

Explain to children that most owls are nocturnal and hunt at night and sleep during the day. Ask children if they know of any other animals that are nocturnal. Read the online Twiggle Book Little Owl in the Tree to find out what other animals a little owl sees at night. View our schedule for the next Twiggle Books and activities.

During Reading

Have children listen to the online Twiggle Book Little Owl in the Tree or read it to children. Afterwards, give children a chance to read the book aloud to you. Let children list the animals the little owl saw. Ask children if they know the name of the first letter of the word "owl." Then, let them play the Twiggle Book's online game to find all letter O's.

After Reading

Let children color the Whoo, Whoo coloring page or expand on the story. For independent reading, print out the printable version of the booklets. 


Wide-Eyed Owl
Original Author Unknown

There's a wide-eyed owl (Use hands to make circles around eyes.) 
With a pointed nose, (Use index finger and thumb to make a V at end of nose.) 
Two pointed ears, (Extend fingers up from head.)
and talons for toes, (Bend fingers in front of chest.)
When he sits up in the tree, (Point to real or imagined tree.) 
and he looks at you, (Point to a child in the group.) 
he flaps his wings, (Put hands under armpits and flap elbows.) 
And he says "Whoo, whoo."

Writing / Fine Motor Skills

Letter O pre-writing practice.

Arts and Crafts

Make a handprint owl

Preschool Activities: 

You'll need:
Black, brown, orange, and yellow craft paper
White and brown paint
Small brown feathers

Demonstrate to children how to tear a branch from a brown craft paper. Glue the branch to the craft paper.

Preschool Activities: 

Put some brown and white paint on a paper plate. Place a hand on the paint and squish paint around. 

Preschool Activities: 

Make a handprint on top of the branch as shown. Let dry.

Preschool Activities: 
Preschool Activities: 

Cut two large circles out of orange paper, two medium circles out of yellow paper, and two small circles out of black craft paper. Glue on top of each other and glue to the top of the handprint. 

Preschool Activities: 

To finish the artwork, add a beak, some feathers, and a moon to the picture.

Preschool Activities: 


Game or Math Activity
Children sit in a circle. One owl (child) perches (by bending their knees and standing on their toes with their arms at their side touching the floor) in the middle of the circle. Recite the first part of the rhyme. Let the child choose a child to come and join him/her. The child flaps her/his arms and flies to the child in the middle. At the end of the rhyme, let children count how many owls are in the circle. Repeat until five owls are in the circle. 

One little owl sat in a tree,
screeching whoo, whoo! will play with me?

One little owl flew to the tree,
how many owls do you see?

5 Owls Are Sitting on a Tree Math Activity and Worksheet

Movement and Outdoor Fun

Outdoor Night Activity
Gather some rocks and paint them with some glow in the dark paint. Place them in different places in your yard. When its starting to get dark, take children outside to pretend to be owls looking for prey. Together, make the different movements to find the glowing prey. 

Preschool Activities: 

1. Fly: by flapping their arms
2. Look around: by turning their heads slowly from side to side
3. Perch: by bending their knees and standing on their toes with their arms at their side touching the floor
4. Swoop: by sticking their arms out straight to each side and dipping their heads down and then back up from side to side

Ask children for other ideas that they might have about owl behaviors that can be acted out as movement or stretching exercises.

Owl Snack Idea 

Owl Smores

Book Suggestion:

Owl Babies


More owls preschool and kindergarten activities, crafts, printables, and games


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