Lily and Bud Book Activities and Craft

Lily and her dog Bud are best friends and are having fun playing together in the sun. After Bud jumps in some mud, Lily scrubs Bud in the tub until he is clean.

Before Reading

Ask children if they have a dog or if they know of a dog. Talk about names of dogs and ask what do they like to do with their dog. Discuss if they think dogs get dirty and if they take showers. Read the book Lily and Bud to find out what Lily and her dog Bud like to do.  

During Reading

Listen or read the online Twiggle Book Lily and Bud to your children. Afterwards, give children a chance to read the book aloud to you. After the story, let children play the Twiggle Book's game to help Bud catch some balls and place them in order from 1-5.

After Reading

Let children color the Lily and Bud coloring page or use the writing/drawing worksheet to expand on the story. For independent reading, print out the printable version of the booklets. Let children practice reading and writing the short u sound words.


Wash Day

Preschool Activities: 

Discuss with children why it is important to keep clean. Explain that washing and bathing prevents us and our dogs from getting sick. Let children play with a stuffed or rubber toy outside and drop it on the ground or in the dirt. If the weather is nice, fill a tub with soapy water or let children take the toy inside the bath tub. Let children wash their stuffed toy while learning the body parts and singing the song:

This Is the Way I Wash My Friend
(Tune: Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush)
KidsSoup Inc.

This is the way I wash my friend
wash my friendwash my friend
This is the way I wash my friend
to keep him clean and healthy.

This is the way I wash his ears
wash his ears, wash his ears
This is the way I wash his ears
to keep him clean and healthy.

This is the way I wash his legs
wash his legs, wash his legs
This is the way I wash his legs
to keep him clean and healthy.

Repeat with arms, belly, tail, mouth, nose, and teeth (provide a toothbrush).

Arts and Crafts

Styrofoam Cup Dog Puppet

What you need:
Small or large styrofoam cup
Brown and black craft paper
Large wiggly eyes
Black Sharpie marker


Print and cut out ear and nose shape. Trace on to craft paper and cut out.

Preschool Activities: 

Glue the nose to the bottom of the cup. With the black marker, draw the mouth and whiskers.

Preschool Activities: 

Glue one ear to each side on top of the Styrofoam cup.

Preschool Activities: 

Glue the eyes on the cup. 

Preschool Activities: 

Make a fist and place the hand inside the cup to use as a puppet.

Preschool Activities: 

With the black marker, draw some more features on the dog's head. Wuff! 

Preschool Activities: 


Language Skills: Rhyming
Change the name of the dog (Rocky / lucky, Bello / Chello, etc.).

I Have a Dog
Listen to the song

I have a dog.
His name is Rags. (Rocky)
He eats so much that his tummy sags, (that he's thinks he's lucky)
His ears flip flop 
and his tail wig wags.
And when he walks, he goes zig zag.

He goes flip flop, wig wag, zig zag.
He goes flip flop, wig wag, zig zag.
He goes flip flop, wig wag, zig zag.
I love Rags and he loves me.

Writing / Fine Motor Skills

Letter d for dog. Lily and Bud play catch.

Math / Gross Motor Skills / Outdoor Game

Preschool Activities: 

You'll need:
5 tennis balls,

5 plastic hoops or ropes,

5 index cards with the numbers 1-5 writen on them,


Place five plastic hoops or ropes made into circles on the lawn. Label each circle with a number from 1-5. Place five tennis balls inside a basket. 

Target practice
Let children try to roll or throw the balls inside the different circles/numbers. Encourage children to call out the number before they roll or throw the ball. 

Each child gets to roll or throw the five balls into one of the plastic hoops. He/she adds the points for each ball that landed inside a the hoop. The child with the most points wins.

Catch and Drop
Let children pretend to be dogs. Demonstrate to children how to squeeze and hold a tennis ball between their chin and neck or under their arm pit. For smaller children, have them press the ball with one hand on their belly. Explain to children that you will call out a number and they will have to get a ball, then run and drop the ball in the correct circle. Call out another number and let children catch and drop another ball inside a circle. 

Make Dog Ears

Book Suggestion:

The Great Dog Wash


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