D is for Duck Craft and Fingerplay

Preschool children will have fun turning the letter D into a Duck with the addition of a few simple shapes and fluffy feathers!

D is for Duck Craft

What you need:

Free D is for Duck Craft printable

Yellow, Orange, and White Construction Paper
Yellow, Orange, and White Feathers
Wiggly Eyes

What you do:

Preschool Activities: 

Provide each child with a white sheet of construction paper and the cut-outs needed for the craft: the letter D, the duck head, and the duck tail cut from yellow construction paper and the duck bill and foot cut from orange construction paper.

Preschool Activities: 

Have children lay their white sheets of paper horizontally and glue the cut-outs in the correct positions to make the duck. Have them begin with the letter D. Review the sound made by the letter D and words like duck that begin with the letter. 

Preschool Activities: 

Let children glue wiggly eyes to the heads of their ducks and feathers around the D-shaped bodies to complete their crafts. Follow up by teaching children the following Little Duck fingerplay.

Little Duck Fingerplay

Little Duck Fingerplay
(Original Author Unknown)

I am a little duck that goes quack, quack, quack. (Shape hand as duck’s mouth and open and close it to pantamime quacking).

And I’ve got lots of feathers on my back, back, back. (Flap hands behind back to show tail feathers).

And when I go down to the lake, I wiggle and I wobble and I shake, shake, shake. (Move with wiggling, wobbling, and shaking motions like a duck).

And when I go to sleep at night, (Shape hands like a pillow and pretend to rest head on them).

I close my eyes very tight. But in the morning when I wake, I wiggle and I wobble and I shake, shake, shake. (move with wiggling, wobbling, and shaking motions like a duck)

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