Chicken, Chicks, Hens, and Eggs Books, Rhymes, and Songs

Cluck, cluck little hen, how many eggs do you got? Enjoy our collection of chickety-chick fun chicken rhymes, songs, and books for preschool and kindergarten.

Chicks and Hens, Rhymes and Songs

I'm a Little Chick
(Tune: I'm a Little Teapot)
Adapted by Jolanda Garcia, KidsSoup, Inc.

I'm a little chick inside an egg; 
I’m slowly growing from head to leg.
Soon you'll hear a knocking, pecking sound; 
The egg will crack -  and I’ll pop out!

Cluck, Cluck Red Hen 
(Tune: Baa-Baa Black Sheep)

Cluck, cluck red hen 
Have you any eggs? 
Yes sir! Yes sir! 
As many as your legs!

One for your breakfast 
And one for your lunch! 
Come back tomorrow, 
I'll have another bunch!

Cluck, cluck red hen, 
Have you any eggs? 
Yes sir! Yes sir! 
As many as your legs!


Watch chickens with this life cam going about their day, sleeping, eating, dust bathing, scratching the ground, and generally doing chicken things.

This Little Chick

This little chick ate corn today. (Hold up thumb.)
This little chick ate worms, they say. (Hold up first finger.)
This little chick ate yellow meal. (Hold up second finger.)
This little chick ate a potato peel. (Hold up third finger.)
And this little chick like a fluffy ball, (Hold up fourth finger.)
Ate a teeny, tiny, bit of all! 
Corn today! Worms they say!
Yellow meal! Potato peel!

Chicken, Hens and Roosters Books 

Here are some fabulous books featuring chickens, chicks, and eggs: (* Amazon Affiliate Links)

Chickens Aren't the Only
Hattie and the Fox Rosie's Walk
Interrupting Chicken Out of the Egg Tillie Lays An Egg
Chick The Little Red Hen
(Paul Galdone Classics)
The Plot Chickens
Louise, The Adventures
of a Chicken
Handa's Hen Big Chickens
Chicks and Salsa Chicks & Chickens Where Do Chicks Come
An Extraordinary Egg Chicken Big Blue Chicken
Chickens to the Rescue"
(Barnyard Rescue)
The Chicken Sisters The Easter Egg Farm
Chicks Run Wild This Little Chick Chick 'n' Pug

* We may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links.


Five and Five Eggs Finger Play and Felt Story

Five and five eggs (Hold up hands.) 
That makes ten. 
Sitting on top is mother hen. (Fold one hand over the other.) 
Crackle! Crackle! Crackle! (Clap hands three times.) 
What do I see? (Place fingers around eyes.) 
Ten fluffy chickens 
As yellow as can be! (Hold up ten fingers.)

Five and Five Eggs Felt Story and Printables (Pattern and Activitiy available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library )

Eggs come in many sizes. 
Eggs hold some big surprises, 
Speckled, brown, white, or blue. 
Eggs hold babies that are new. 
Chicks from eggs are fluffy yellow, 
Chicks from eggs are funny fellows!

Chook-chook Mrs. Hen
Chook-chook, chook-chook-chook,
Good morning, Mrs. Hen!
How many children do you have?
Madam, I have ten.
Four of them are yellow,
Four of them are brown,
And two of them are speckled red,
The nicest in the town.



Chook-chook Mrs. Hen Felt Story and Color and Math Activities (Pattern and Activitiy available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library )


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