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Calendar Crafts, Calendar Preschool Activities and Kindergarten Lessons, Calendar Printables

Calendar Preschool Activities and Calendar Crafts. Every year the earth rotates one time around the sun. Help children learn about the organization of this time into days, weeks, and months with this theme on the calendar. Fun preschool activities and ideas to incorporate into morning circle time, songs, movement, literacy activities, and games are all included. Children can graph birthday months, make word wheels, learn about ordinal numbers, sequence the days of the week, and more. Start the theme off by letting children make their own calendar craft and page for the month ahead or begin a countdown to a special day in the future.  

Samples of our calendar crafts, and calendar preschool activities and resources available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library:

calendar craft

Seasons Activities,
Crafts, and Games

calendar printables

Calendar Activities
and Printables

calendar seasons activities

Apple Tree Season
Activities, Booklet

handprint calendar craft

Handprint Crafts

seasons folder game

The Four Seasons
Board Game

calendar printables

Months, Days
Writing Printables

sequencing months folder game

Months Sequencing
Folder Game

days of the week activities

Days of the Week

calendar numbers printables

Calendar Numbers

calendar word wall

Word Wall

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Free Calendar Crafts, Calendar Activities, Rhymes, and Printables

Explain that each year, the earth rotates around the sun one time. It takes 12 months. As each month passes, the earth moves a little bit more around the sun. After 12 months, it has come full circle, and a new year begins. Altogether, it takes 365 days for a complete rotation. For a concrete illustration, have children sit in a circle. Place a model of the sun in the middle. Choose one child to walk around it while holding a model of the earth.

Learn more about "The Reasons for the Seasons"

Store days of the week, months of the year, the numbers 1-31, and the years 2010 and 2011 cards in separate manila envelopes. Use thumbtacks or sticky backing to attach the envelopes to corkboard in the calendar or circle area of the classroom.

Incorporate these calendar-themed felt chants into regularly scheduled calendar time activities. Recite the chants and display the correct corresponding days, months, and dates on the felt board when mentioned.

Today is . . .
Original Author Unknown
(Tune: Are You Sleeping?)

Today is __________.
Today is __________.
All day long, all day long.
Yesterday was __________.
Tomorrow will be __________.
Oh what fun! <br>
Oh what fun! <p>

Interactive Calendar
School Calendar

Learning Resources Calendar and Weather Pocket Chart

What's the day going to be like? Make keeping track of dates holidays and the weather a fun and interactive way to start the day!

Calendar Crafts

Handprint Calendars
Handprint, footprint, and thumbprint calendars make great gifts and are a keepsake for many years to come. Here are some great resources and ideas to get your started with your calendar crafts.

January - Handprint penguin or snowmen

February - Fingerprint or handprint Heart

March - Leprechaun

April - Handprint ducks, thumbprint chicks

May - Handprint Tulip

June - Handprint butterfly, thumbprint bees

July - Handprint giraffe, sun

August - Handprint Fish

September - Handprint apple tree

October - Hand or footprint ghost, spider

November - Handprint turkey

December - Handprint santa


Visit these great website and blogs for pictures and more ideas:


Calendar Books
months book
Calendar book cookie week book dogs days

Alligators and Others All Year Long : A Book of Months


Chicken Soup with Rice:
A Book of Months
by Maurice Sendak

Cookie's Week
by Cindy Ward

Dog Days: Rhymes
Around the Year

by Jack Prelutsky
The Year At Maple
Hill Farm

by Alice and Martin Provensen
Year calendar book
calendar book suggestion
week days book

Red Sings from Treetops:
A Year in Colors
by Joyce Sidman

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Pop-Up Book
by Eric Carle

Today Is Monday
by Eric Carle


Twelve Hats for Lena :
A Book of Months
by Karen Katz

A Year Goes Round:
Poems for the Months

by Karen B. Winnick



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