Preschool Mother's Day Crafts, Activities, Games, and Rhymes

Mother's Day Crafts and Activities for preschool and kindergarten

Mother's Day crafts, activities, games, rhymes, songs, and printables for preschool and kindergarten. Mother's Day is the time of the year when we take time to show apprecialtion and express love for our mothers. The earliest Mother's Day celebrations can be traced back to the spring celebrations of ancient Greece. In England, mothers are honored on Mothering Sunday. In the United States, on May 9, 1914, the Presidential proclamation declared the second Sunday of May to be observed as Mother's Day to honor mothers. Let your children celebrate this Mother's Day with our special Mother's Day cards, crafts, coloring pages, printables, gift ideas, and activities.

Samples of our more than 40 Mother's Day crafts, activities, games, and printables available in our KidsSoup Resource Library:

Themes and Projects

My Heart Is Like a Zoo

Activities and Lessons

Flower Garden Story Time
Hearts Abound Lesson Plan
H for Heart Hunt


Queen of Hearts Number Fun with Playing Cards
Hearts Numbers and Counting Game


Hearts ABC Matching - Alphabet Knowledge
Heart Animal Matching


H for Heart Hunt

Booklets and Other

The Surprise - Mother's Day Emergent Reader
Mother's Day Word Wall Cards
Are You My Mom? Story Book


Things I Love To Do with Mom Writing Prompt
Right and Left Activity
My Mom Writing Prompt



Free Mother's Day Actvities, Crafts, Printables, and Mother's Day Book Suggestions


Learning Centers

House Keeping Play Area

Cooking: Let children make a meal for their "children."

Laundry: Set a laundry basket filled with clean clothes on the floor. It could contain face cloths, small socks, etc. Have children fold the items. Let children hang laundry on a clothesline.

Make a bathtub out of a large cardboard box and provide items such as bathrobes, towels, pajamas, slippers, etc.

Caring: Purchase a large quantity of small bandages. Children will love covering dolls' wounds and caring for their sick dolls.

Water Table

Bathing: Let children bathe dolls, wash toys or doll clothes, or play with bath toys in the water table.

Cleaning Dishes: Add sponges and dishwashing liquid. Have children wash the plastic dishes in the kitchen area.

Writing Corner

Let children write and draw  "Thank you cards" for their mother. Place Mother's Day Word Wall cards on the table for children to copy.

Large Group

Talk to children about all the things their mother does for them: cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping, taking care of them when they're sick, helping with homework, driving them to school, looking after them, giving hugs and love, making them laugth, etc. 

Dear Mother
Author Unknown

You sew the buttons on my clothes,
You gave me a hankie for my nose,
You make good things for me to eat,
You buy me candy for a treat,
You wash my clothes and mend my socks,
Dear Mother, I love you lots and lots!!

Mother's Day Mothers do pictures and activity
Preschool Activities: 

Pictures and My Mom Takes Care of Me Every Day Activity available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library

Look at pictures together that depict a mother clearning, cooking, giving hugs, shopping with kids, making beds, helping with homework, making dinner or breakfast, etc. 

Read a Mother's Day Book together. Our book suggestion: Five Minutes' Peace.

After reading the book, brainstorm with children a list of things that they can do to help their mom.

My Mommy Helps Me
Author unknown

My mommy helps me when I'm sick.
My mommy helps me when I'm blue.
My mommy helps me when I'm sad.
Thanks, Mom, for all that you do!

Mother's Day Word Wall Cards Available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library

Use word wall pictures on your interactive reading chart to write and read about all their mothers do.

Mothers' Day word wall cards and activities for preschool and kindergarten
Preschool Activities: 

She __________ (for) me. (cooks, cleans, hugs, loves)

My mother loves to relax in her __________. (bathtub, garden, bedroom, chair, bed) Ask children how their mother tries to relax after their hard work. 


Show children picture cards depicting various activities mothers do during the day. Have them act out the activities. When you lift the bathtub signal, ask children to lie down and listen to some relaxing music. Use a little bell or gong to wake them up for the next activity.

Relaxation Activity:

Discuss that sleep and rest are important for our body to regain its strength. Have children bring a pillow from home. Have them explore and feel the different pillows. Have children lie down on the pillows and listen to some soft music. After the music, let children stretch their bodies. Stretch arms, fingers, legs, etc. Ask children how the music made them feel.

Talk about the different ways we can relax.

Snack Time:

Talk to children about how we can help our mothers. Explain to children that we can help our mother by making our own snack and cleaning up after ourselves. Let children prepare their own snacks. Provide plastic plates, sandwich bread, plastic knives, jellies, cream cheese, or margarine.

In small groups, let children spread their favorite bread spread on their sandwich for their snack.

Bath Salts or Soaps Mother's Day Gift Idea

Make some bath salts or bath soaps for a Mother's Day present. Attach the following poem:

Here's a gift for Mother's Day.
I'll try my best in every way.
But if you get upset with me . . .
Relax and soak!!  Don't you agree?


Mother Says

Take turns with your child playing Mother Says (instead of Simon Says). Start by giving directions for your child to follow, such as "Mother says wave your hands. Mother says touch your nose. Mother says hop on one foot." Explain that whenever you give a direction without first saying "Mother says," your child should not do the action. If he/she does, then have him/her trade places with you and start giving you the directions. Continue the game as long as you wish.

Mother and Baby Animals Activities

Are You My Mom? Felt Story and Printables (available inside our KidsSoup Resource Libary)

Are you my Mom? preschool felt story and printables
Preschool Activities: 
Who's the Mom? Flannel Board Game 

Collect pictures of mother and baby animals. For durability, cover each picture with clear contact paper or laminate. Attach a piece of Velcro® tape to the back of each picture. Allow children to match the mother animals to the baby animals using the flannel board.

Mother and Baby Animals Matching Activity
Using the same pictures as in the activity above, place mother and baby animal pictures face down on a table or the floor. Have two to four children take turns matching the mothers to their babies. If a child matches a pair, he/she takes the pictures. If the match is incorrect, the pictures are turned face down again. Children continue until all the mothers and babies are paired. The winner is the person with the most matches.

Mother and baby animals preschool matching activity and game
Preschool Activities: 

Are you my mom? Mother and Baby Animals Circle Game

Make necklaces out of the mother and baby animal cards. Select one child to be the baby animal looking for its mom. Hand out the necklaces (except one baby animal) to children. Attach the picture of the baby animal to the back of the selected child. Turn the child around so that the other children can see what baby animal is looking for its mom without telling. The "baby animal" walks up to one child after another asking "Are you my mom?" The child answers with the animal's sound and a "yes" or "no" answer. If the "baby animal" doesn't find its mother after five tries, invite the child to make the sound of the baby animal's mother. When the baby animal has found it's Mom, repeat with another baby animal. 

Small Hand/Big Hand 
Help show children the difference between small and big. Ask the mothers of your children to trace their hands or make a handprint on a piece of paper. At school, ask children to glue their mother's handprint on a piece of paper. Then, have them make their handprint next to their mother's. Finally, let children draw other little and big things on the paper. Children can give this to their moms as a little Mother's Day gift.

Free Mother's Day Printables:
Mother's day writing activity
Mother's day coloring page
mother's day heart printables
animal mothers printable
mother's day craft

Mother's Day Coloring Page

  Mother's Day tea party ideas Mother and child coloring page Mother's day coloring page Mother's Day Tea Party Invitation


Mother's Day Tea Party Invitation

View also our Twiggle Magazine Mother's Day edition for more Mother's Day crafts, recipes, and printables.

Featured Mother's Day Crafts:

A Cup of Thoughtfulness - Tea Cup Succulent Mini Garden with Poem

Mother's Day Rhymes:

For My Mother 
Here are flowers
For a very special day
Just for you
On Mother's Day

I must have been born
Beneath a lucky star
To have a mother
As nice as you are!
Author Unknown

Mother's Day Song

I Love Mommy 
(Tune: Frere Jacques)

I love Mommy,
I love Mommy
Yes, I do; Yes I do
And my Mommy loves me,
Yes, my Mommy loves me,
Loves me too, loves me too.


Mother's Day Book Suggestions:
Are You My Mother?

A Ride on Mother's Back:
A Day of Baby Carrying around the World

Mama's Milk On Mother's Lap
The Night Before Mother's Day  Mother's Day Surprise

Fancy Nancy's Marvelous
Mother's Day Brunch

Before I Was Your Mother
Mommy Hugs My Mommy and Me The Kissing Hand Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?
The Mother's Day Mice I Love My Mommy Mama, Do You Love Me? Flower Garden


Books to celebrate Mother's Day



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