Music, Instruments Preschool Activities, Crafts, Lessons, and Printables

Music and Instruments Activities, Crafts, and Printables

Music and Instruments Preschool and Kindergarten Crafts, Activities. Games, and Printables

Welcome to our music theme. Children really get to feel the beat as they explore music through sound, song, instruments, rhymes, literacy, counting, movement, and more. They will listen to music, make music, and move to music while learning about musical instruments, patterns in music, rhythm, and music as a form of storytelling. So, get out your music-makers and start playing!

Samples of our more than 95 music and instruments crafts, activities, crafts, and games available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library:


Feliz Navidad Tambourine Craft
Music Shakers
Jingle Bell Buddy

Activities and Lessons

Sticks Can Make Music
Instruments Rhymes, Fingerplays, and Songs
Old MacDonald Had a Band Felt Song


Ten Shiny Guitars in the Music Shop
Jar and Jingle Bells Numbers 1-10
Counting Musical Notes


fl- as in Flute Consonant Blend
Sorting Things that Begin like Guitar, Piano, Violin, and Banjo
Music Shop Bingo


Music Instruments Movement Activity
Jingle Bells Movement Activities

Booklets and Other

Music Word Wall
A World of Music Emergent Reader
Sounds Emergent Reader


Farm Band Coloring Page
Tuba Coloring Page
Trumpet Music Notes
Music and Instruments Activities, Rhymes, Printables, and Music and Instruments Book Suggestions


Cut out shapes or print pictures of musical instruments to decorate the wall. Show children real musical instruments and listen to recordings or instruments from the library's collection. Invite a music teacher or musician to bring instruments and demonstrate the sounds each can make.

Music and Instruments Rhymes and Songs

The Finger Band
Original Author Unknown
(Tune: All Around the Mulberry Bush)

The finger band has come to town,
come to town, come to town;
The finger band has come to town
so early in the morning.

This is the way we play the drums,
play the drums, play the drums; (Pretend to play drums.)
This is the way we play the drums
so early in the morning.

The finger band has gone away,
gone away, gone away;
The finger band has gone away
so early in the morning

Continue verses by replacing the "drums" with other instruments: flute, trumpet, piano, violin, etc.

Free Music and Instrument Printables and Coloring Pages

Drum coloring page guitar coloring page flute coloring page maracas coloring page  
Music and Movement

Musical Simon Says
What you need: 2-3 different musical instruments (bells, drum, pots, etc.)

What you do: 
Choose a child to be the "leader." Assign different actions to each instrument. For example, when the leader beats the drum, all children need to stomp their feet. Let the leader sit on the floor and place the instruments in front of him/her. The leader plays the instruments and the children need to make the matching movements. Make the game more challenging by adding more instruments and movements.

Name that Tune
Play or sing the beginning of a song or a piece of music that children are familiar with and have heard often. Then, have children take turns guessing the title. Do this with three or four different musical selections at a time throughout the week to build auditory recognition skills.

Boom Bang
(Original Author Unknown)
Boom, bang, boom, bang! (clap hands like cymbals)
Rumpety, lumpety, bump! (drum thighs like a drum)
Zoom, zam, zoom, zam! (slide hands back and forth)
Clippety, clappety, clump! (stomp on the floor)

Note: Repeat verse going progressively faster or slower for a fun variation

The Freeze
Let children dance to different selections of music, but explain that when the music suddenly stops, they need to freeze in place until the music beings again. Try using different styles and tempos of music to give children opportunities to move in different ways: slowly, robotically, with animation, like animals, freely, etc.

Instrument Craft

Paper Plate Shakers

What you need:
Paper plates

Kidney beans



Crepe paper in different colors (optional)

Sequins in different colors (optional)

What you do:
Let children decorate the outsides of two paper plates with crayons. Staple each child's pair of plates together, leaving small openings that can be used to fill the shakers with beans. Once children have added the beans to their shakers, staple shut the small openings. Make sure to place staples close together along the rims of the shakers so that the beans do not fall out. If time allows, let children glue pieces of crepe paper to the edges of their shakers and sequins on one side for added pizzazz and color. Children can use their paper plate shakers during different rhythm or music related activities.

tambourine instrument craft and activity for preschool
Preschool Activities: 
Tambourine Instrument Craft and Activity


Music and Instruments Books

Ah, Music!

I Know a Shy Fellow
Who Swallowed a Cello

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin 

I See a Song (Blue Ribbon Book)

Meet the Orchestra Mole Music (Live Oak Music Makers) Music, Music for Everyone

The Magic Flute: An Opera by Mozart

Violet's Music Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf:
With a Fully-Orchestrated and Narrated CD
Max Found Two Sticks (Reading Rainbow Books) Opera Cat


Music and Instruments CDs


Can You Hear It? The Carnival of the Animals (Book & CD) The Jazz Fly (book w/ audio CD) Story of the Orchestra 



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