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Hands and Feet activities and crafts

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Hands and Feet, All About Me Preschool Activities, Crafts, Lessons, and Printables

New September 2012: Hands and Feet Preschool Activities and Crafts.  
Welcome to the theme on hands and feet! Find songs, rhymes, literacy ideas, math activities, movement activities, recipes, and literature that celebrate the many ways hands and feet help move us through our days. Children can clap, snap, stomp, and jump their way to new knowledge as they learn about the concept of “pairs,” count by 2’s, label hand and foot parts, make their own books, read, write, sort, match, and of course, do the hokey-pokey and turn themselves about!

Free Hands and Feet, Preschool Activities, Rhymes, and Printables

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Free Hands and Feet Crafts, Activities, Rhymes, Printables, and Hands and Feet Books

Children recognise their fingers, toes, hands and feet at a very young age. Explore hands and feet withour movement, tactile experiences, and ideas.

Apple with Worm Handprint Craft
What you need:
Red, brown or green paint
Paper plates
Green craft paper
White craft paper
Small wiggly eyes
Black marker
apple handprint
What you do:

Add each paint color to a paper plate. Provide paintbrushes.

Step 1: Let children paint their thumb brown or green.

Step 2: Let children paint their palm with red.

Step 3: Press the hand on the white craft paper

Step 4: If the brown worm (thumb) didn't press down thick enough let children make brown thumbprints on top of it.

Step 5: With black marker, draw a stem to the top of the apple.

Step 6: Cut a leaf shape out of green craft paper and glue to the the stem.

Step 7: Add wiggly eyes to the worm.


Hand and Feet Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Our creative and fun hand and feet rhymes and games provide children with opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Find a Foot or a Hand
Original Author Unknown

Trace hands and feet on craft paper and cut out. Tape to the foor and recite the rhyme and make the movements together:
Variation: Trace feet or hands with chalk on the playground outside.

Find a foot and hop, hop, hop.
When you're tired, stop, stop, stop.
Turn around and count to ten.
Find a foot and hop again.

Find a foot and hop, hop, hop.
When you're tired, stop, stop, stop.
Jump on both feet and count to ten.
Find a foot and hop again.

Find a foot and hop, hop, hop.
When you're tired, stop, stop, stop.
Run in place and count to ten.
Find a foot and hop again.

Find a foot and hop, hop, hop.
When you're tired, stop, stop, stop.
Touch your toes and count to ten.
Find a foot and hop again.


My Two Hands My Two Feet
Original Author Unknown
(Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

(Start with everyone in a standing position)

My two hands go clap, clap, clap (clap)
My two feet go stamp, stamp, stamp (stamp)
My two hands go thump, thump, thump (tap head or legs with hands)
My two feet go jump, jump, jump (jump)
My body can turn around and around (turn around)
And now my body can sit quietly down. (sit down)

Hands and Feet Theme


Good Hand Washing
Good hand washing poster

Literacy: Read book Wash Your Hands! by Tony Ross

Talk about the book and have children examine their hands. Look for palm lines and fingerprints. Talk about all the things we can do with our hands—playing with toys, holding objects like pencils and drinking glasses, playing in the sand, and shaking hands. Say: “Let’s think about all the things that you touched today.” Explain that our hands and body pick up a lot of germs that hide in the things that we touch. We can’t see germs, but germs can make us sick. When you have germs on your hands, you can pass them to other people without even knowing it and make them sick. The germs can make you sick by getting into your body each time you touch your food or put your hands in your mouth.


Sensory Table:
Provide a magnifying glass, rulers, and tape measure to investigate hands.

Before going to snack recite the following rhyme:
Wash, wash, wash your hands,
wash your hands real good
wash your hands, wash your hands
before you eat your food.

Make a copy of the hand washing steps. Laminate or cover with contact paper. Cut into sections. Have children put in the correct order of steps, using sequencing skills.


Hands and Feet Books
The Foot Book Dr. Seuss My hands can Hands can book Hands Fingers Thumb book I call my hands gentle book
The Foot Book (The Bright and Early Books for Beginning Beginners) Here Are My Hands Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (Bright & Early Books) I Call My Hand Gentle
My two hands my two feet Paws, claws, hands and feet book Rain feet book Ten little fingers ten little toes book goodbye
My Two Hands, My Two Feet Paws, Claws, Hands, and Feet Rain Feet Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes lap board book


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