Weekly Plans

The Little Red Hen: On the Table Week 1

The Little Red Hen, grains, and bread are this week's On The Table focus. Related materials are provided in all subject areas. The week's letter is "H" and the short e vowel sound and -en word family are introduced.

NEW! On the Table Theme

If your students have an appetite for knowledge, this month's theme will hit the spot! On The Table provides all new activities, games, rhymes, emergent readers, and literacy lessons that highlight foods of the harvest season and the Thanskgiving holiday.

Monsters and Halloween Week 4

Halloween means doorsteps draped with costumed Frankensteins, witches, ghosts, ghouls, and vampires, and this is usually all children can talk about as the excitement builds. So naturally, this last week of the Monsters and Halloween theme focuses on those dependable monsters who show up every October 31st.

Monsters and Halloween Week 3

This week's focus on monsters includes Jack-O'-Lanterns in anticipation of the upcoming Halloween holiday. Jack-O'-Lanterns and their wide variety of expressions allow for extended classroom conversations about emotions. They also lend themselves well to a review of basic two-dimensional shapes, which is also a focus of the suggested materials for Week 3 of the Monsters and Halloween theme.

Monsters and Halloween Week 2

This week: Feelings and Emotions. The monster fun continues as children interact with more monster-themed materials. Start the week off with a reading of Glad Monster Sad Monster and spark a conversation about emotions: What are emotions?

New! Monsters and Halloween

This month’s preschool and kindergarten theme focuses on Monsters and Halloween. The KidsSoup Resource Library is stocked with all new preschool and kindergarten activities, games, rhymes, literacy ideas, and more designed to ease children’s fears while educating them at the same time.

Monsters and Halloween Week 1

Start the week off singing, reading, and discussing There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Follow-up with related materials that provide children with opportunities for sequencing, writing, and studying the -at word family.

Back to School with Dinosaurs Week 4

This week's letter is D for Dinosaurs and Digging! Now that children are settled into their school routines and comfortable with each other, it's time to turn their attention to all things dinosaur. The library has so many dinosaur games, ideas, and activities that it's hard to decide which ones to dig up first.

Back to School with Dinosaurs Week 3

Beginning a new school year means making new friends and seeing old friends again. While children are busy learning classroom routines, they're also practicing and developing social skills. For this reason, the focus of week 3 of the Back to School with Dinosaurs theme is friendship.

Back to School with Dinosaurs Week 2

Many of the resources included in the Back-to-School with Dinosaurs theme are designed to help children learn and remember school rules and manners in fun, interactive ways. Children will love chanting the “Rowdy-osaur Goes to School” felt rhyme and teachers will love the printable list of child-friendly classroom rules that accompanies it.


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