Story Time

The Red Radish Story and Activities

A rabbit, a rooster, a raccoon, and a rat are working together. When a rabbit has trouble pulling a radish out from the ground, one by one his friends—big and small—come to his rescue. They pull and pull together until the radish pops out of the ground. Then they all celebrate their friendship by sharing and eating it.

Tina the Tiny Train and Clock Activities and Craft

Choo-Choo! All aboard! Meet Tina the Tiny Train. Children will have fun learning to tell time as a train picks up different objects whose names begin with the letter t, such as a tiger, a tulip, a trumpet, and a tomato. It's also a great book to introduce your children to the initial consonant blend /tr/ sound.

Five Little Octopuses Activities and Craft

Children will have fun learning about octopuses as they complete the online book activities. They will learn scientific vocabulary such as the word "camouflage" as they delve deep under the ocean to read about five little octopuses that change colors and then disappear, until eventually there are none.

Lily and Bud Book Activities and Craft

Lily and her dog Bud are best friends and are having fun playing together in the sun. After Bud jumps in some mud, Lily scrubs Bud in the tub until he is clean.

Preschool and Kindergarten Summer Reading Fun

Summer reading is an important way to prevent your children from learning losses over the summer. Research shows that summer reading can make a significant difference in a child's overall academic achievement, and it keeps them mentally fit and ready to start the new school year with success. Inspire a love of reading during the summer months in your emergent readers as they practice reading.

Chicken, Chicks, Hens, and Eggs Books, Rhymes, and Songs

Cluck, cluck little hen, how many eggs do you got? Enjoy our collection of chickety-chick fun chicken rhymes, songs, and books for preschool and kindergarten.

Chicks and Hens, Rhymes and Songs

I'm a Little Chick
(Tune: I'm a Little Teapot)

Rainbows and Leprechaun Books and Rhymes

Mix a beautiful rainbow with some lucky leprechauns and you got the perfect combination to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

A Leprechaun All Small and Green

Adapted by Jolanda Garcia, KidsSoup, Inc.


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