Animal Crafts

On Safari Handprint Animals Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten

Your students will "roar" with delight when they see these handprint safari collages displayed around the room or on your bulletin board. 

Squid Headband and Craft

Children will love wearing their squid headbands as they listen to Kevin Sherry's story I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean about a boastful, and then bashful, squid. 

Big Blue Squid Bottle Craft and Science

Learn all about squid anatomy and build big blue squids from plastic bottles and bubble wrap!

Big Blue Squid Bottle Craft and Science Activity

What You Need: 

From Peeps to Quacks - Ducks Toys for Story Telling

You know Easter is near when grocery store shelves start filling up with marshmallow bunnies and chicks in bright spring colors. Yes, it's PEEPS season. We had some fun turning some yellow PEEPS into QUACKS to use in our duck pond pretend play area. Stock up on PEEPS to make these fun, non-sticky QUACKs.

What you need:

D is for Duck Craft and Fingerplay

Preschool children will have fun turning the letter D into a Duck with the addition of a few simple shapes and fluffy feathers!

D is for Duck Craft

What you need:

Free D is for Duck Craft printable

Hogs and Kisses Valentine's Day Kids Craft

Making cards builds fine motor skills and reinforces the spirit of giving to others. Here's a cute Valentine's Day card activity children will love!


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