The Mitten: Rhymes and Movement Activities

The classic children’s story The Mitten provides the centerpiece for this collection of preschool and kindergarten activities, games, and crafts. Children work with new vocabulary, sight words, and sentence construction concepts via the literacy activity. In addition, hedgehogs, bears, owls, and other winter animals make their appearances in materials designed to strengthen print, alphabet, and number concepts. So, go ahead—make room and stuff as many of these fun and enriching materials into your classroom learning time as possible!

The Mitten, 20th Anniversary Edition



Put on Your Mittens
Author Unknown

Put on your mittens, it is cold I fear,
Now that the winter snow is here.
We play in the snow and when we’re done,
We pull off our mittens one by one.

Warm Mittens
Author Unknown
I wiggle my left hand, 
I wiggle my right, 
inside of my mittens, 
so warm and so tight. 
I wiggle my pinkie. 
I wiggle my thumb, 
so when I make snowballs, 
my hands don't get numb.



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