My Flower Diary and Greenhouse Activity

Children grow their own flowers in plastic cup greenhouses and keep a diary of the process and the growth of their seedlings. Once the seedlings fill the insides of the plastic cup greenhouses, they can be planted in a window box for the classroom or potted for children to take home. 

My Flower Diary and Greenhouse

What you need:

My Flower Diary printables (KidsSoup members)
Clear plastic cups (2 per child)
Planting soil
Spray bottles
Flower seeds (nasturtium, sunflower, sweet pea)
Clear tape
Black marker


What you do:

Print the My Flower Diary pages. Copy a set of pages for each child. Bind the pages to make booklets. Use a permanent black marker to label one set of plastic cups with each child’s name.

Preschool Activities: 

Have children plant flower seeds in greenhouses constructed from clear plastic cups:

Preschool Activities: 

First, children fill the bottom cups marked with their names halfway with loose soil and use their index fingers to make holes for their seeds.

Preschool Activities: 

Next, children place seeds in the holes and cover them with soil.

Preschool Activities: 

Let children spary soil generously with water before taping their second cups upside-down to make the tops of their plastic cup greenhouses. Place children’s plastic cup greenhouses on a tray on a sunny windowsill. Remove tops and spray with water occasionally if needed.

Preschool Activities: 
Preschool Activities: 

Introduce the My Flower Diaries and give one to each child. Have children write their names on the front covers. Review each page and explain that children will record what they notice and learn as they watch the seeds in their greenhouses grow. 


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