Mother's Day Gift Idea for Kids: Tea Cup Succulent Mini Gardens with Poem

Mother's Day gift idea and preschool craft
Tea Cup Succulent Mini Gardens  

We love succulents :-) and just had to incorporate these beautiful plants in to a Mother's Day (or grandmother) gift idea for little hands.

What you need:

Mother's Day Poem Printable

Large tea or coffee cup
Permanent marker
Succulent clippings

What you do:

Buy some tea or coffee cups from a thrift shop. 

preschool tea cup craft idea
Preschool Activities: 

Take children outside to look for some pretty rocks.  Remove some clippings from different succulent plants

Mother's Day succulents gift idea preschool
Preschool Activities: 

With a permanent marker, let children write their name on the bottom of the cup and decorate the cup. 

Succulents tea cup Mother's Day craft for preschool
Preschool Activities: 

Fill the tea cup with soil and let children pick out some of their favorite succulent clippings to make a small tea cup mini garden.

Mother's Day preschool tea cup craft idea
Preschool Activities: 

Mother's day tea cup with succulents gift idea and preschool craft
Preschool Activities: 

Print out the following poem and attach to a red craft paper heart. Let children draw on the back of the heart.

A Cup of Thoughtfulness
Original Author unknown

Take a cup of thoughtfulness
And add a lot of love,
Blend with smiles as warming
As the sunshine from above,
Add a cheerful spirit
And, of course, a heart that sings
And also the ability
To laugh at little things,
Stir in lots of tenderness
And understanding, too
And there you have the recipe
For mothers dear as you.

Mother's Day gift preschool craft idea tea cup with succulents
Preschool Activities: 


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